Jul 03, 2015


Zicana: Entrepreneurial Visionary Etches New Path in Stone

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Entrepreneurs are visionaries. They see the potential for growth and evolution in the status quo, the ordinary, the everyday givens; they have unique perspectives and change perceptions. These attributes make entrepreneurs rare commodities–much like sem-precious stones!

Semi-precious stone connoisseur Francesco Marasco turned the fashion and home décor status quo on its head when he decided to build a lifestyle brand on a foundation made of stone.  In 2011, Marasco left the family stone manufacturing business that he helped to build, motivated by a goal to make ancient stone fashion-forward. “I wanted something different, something more than simply working in a factory,” Marasco explains.  But what exactly that “something” would be, Marasco wasn’t quite sure of at first. So Marasco looked to his passion for stone for guidance, and was inspired to let nature take its course. “You can’t plan life too much . You just have to ride the wave. For me, it’s just about understanding the product that I love.” And before he knew it, he was struck with an idea. “I started to think, well, I can take stone and I can incorporate it into furniture, into jewelry and I can incorporate it into accessories and shoes!”

Within a few months, Marasco conceived Zicana, a luxury lifestyle brand that specializes in creating fashion-forward luxury countertops, furniture and jewelry out of semi-precious stone. And the rest, as they say, is history.


For Marasco, Zicana is an extension of his lifestyle and a reflection of the women in his life. The name, Zicana, is derived from a nickname that his late grandmother gave him: Zicanana. The Zicana showroom is greatly inspired—and even curated—by Marasco’s wife, Rosa. And the products themselves—all of the countertops, furnishings and jewelry—are created with women in mind. “Zicana is luxury, it’s class, it’s beauty and it’s energy,” Marasco explains. “Zicana is redefining the perception of beauty.”

Zicana’s unique jewelry line has even been modeled by Venezuelan beauty queen, Dayanna Mendoza.

Zicana also gives back. Zicana is a proud sponsor of the FACT Breast Cancer Foundation, and it’s gorgeous, one of a kind showroom is often the venue of choice for entrepreneur networking events.

As for what’s next for Zicana:  Marasco is determined to break new ground by incorporating it into fashion items, such as women’s shoes and handbags. Now that’s rare!

To learn more about Zicana, it’s products and it’s evolution, visit Zicana.com.


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Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha Love Ramirez

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