Jul 30, 2015


How to Work a 9-5 While Having A Business on The Side

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How to Keep A Part Time Lover – Tips On Working a 9-5 While Having A Business on The Side

Some mompreneurs are great at pushing and pressing on at the start of their business, when things are going well not so bueno. They are able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, a sink and even the tub! It’s crazy how urgency will make some hustle like no other. Then you have other single mompreneurs who work a 9-5 and their business on the side whenever they can find the time. I’ve been in both situations, but having a part-time job while I pursue my purpose has been super helpful. If it wasn’t for my kid’s selfish ways of needing a meal every day, and oh yes, shelter, this chica would be taking major risk, and probably living in her car. We do what we have to do in order to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. But when you have children there are some sacrifices you just are not able to make.

In the Caterpillar Stage

Once you take that leap, though, and get a taste of pursuing your purpose, it’s really hard to go back. It’s like telling a beautiful butterfly that’s learned to spread its wings and fly to turn into a caterpillar again. NOT going to happen.

So how does one find balance from being in what I call “the in-between”–when you’re not quite ready to go full-force on your business, but are itching to get out of the confinements of the 9-5?  Below are a few key things you can do to maintain your part time lover, your business, and still manage to keep your 9-5.

Balance – How Lunch Can Turn Into You Full Blown Office

Even if Coffee Bean is your “new office” for your business, and the view of the street isn’t exactly what you would call a view, it is still your best resource for getting things done. If you’re at a job you hate, and lunch is your saving grace then your local coffee spot with some WIFI is your new sanctuary. Make sure you plan your lunch time effectively the night before. Your lunch time and commute can be used to schedule meetings, conduct conference calls, and answer emails. Shoot I’ve even used my breaks to set up future podcast guest for my show.

All this work and trying to balance may sound crazy, but if your side business is your true calling I promise you, you’ll make it work.

Boundaries & Mindset – Your Two New BFFs

Make sure your side biz and 9-5 don’t overlap because if your current job has bad energy it could carry over to your business. A 9-5 mentality is usually about moving up and making more money. At times there is no love for it, its more about paying bills and making due, than about helping other and purpose building.

You must make sure to keep your entrepreneurial mindset at all times.  From now on the 9-5 is your side gig, it keeps you pushing and feeds your purpose. It also feeds you and your little one. So to say you hate it is never a good thing. You have to find a way to “love” it, so you are able to continue bringing in funds until your side biz turn to a full time one. You never want to quit before you’re ready, just because you hate your current situation, the stress of not having enough money may eventually kill your dream biz if you don’t watch yourself.

Plan Your Escape

A lot of us have decent jobs; some may even have great jobs, as far as everyone else is concerned anyway. You may even work with great people, in essence it isn’t the job that you hate but your life in that job. It’s not your purpose to sit behind a desk and do what’s expected. So you must take action for your escape. Think of your current job as preparation, an investment, for the life you’re meant to live.

Safety Net

In order to have that life you must plan your escape. Whether its done boldly or strategically. If it’s the Safety Net route you decide to take you must (1) make sure that your side biz is supplementing your 9-5 income before you quit. (2) You make sure you have enough of a financial cushion to cover you when your biz is not doing so well.

Take The Leap

There are times though where you know the “Safety Net” route is just an excuse not to take the leap. In these instances, you just have to jump and hope to God you grow wings on your way down. Naima Woodson, a 9-5 dropout and owner of Fit For A Kid LA, knows all too well about that. She took flight on her entrepreneurial dream almost 3 years ago and has never looked back.

Her advice, if you make the leap make sure you do two things: (1) Have a solid business plan, that will become a life line of sorts and something you can refer back to. (2) Have money saved aside for at least 3 months, so when you take that leap you are well aware that you must hustle hard, because once those 3 months are up you’ll need that income coming in to not just cover your butt, but cover the upcoming bills.

Part-Time Love Becomes Full-Time

You may think it can’t be done or you give yourself a million excuses why you just don’t have time. The truth is deep down you may feel you don’t have the guts, the right, the energy. If you’re a mami you may feel that you have a million other priorities that should come first instead of silly dreams of having your side hustle become full blown. The reality is that if you don’t pursue it, if you don’t at least try, it’ll eat away at you. There will never be a right time, because the time is right NOW. So whether you decide to go all in and take a leap or do the safety net route, whether you feel the you have the guts or not, just STOP, take a minute to look around and decide if this life is the one you want for the rest of your life. If not, take breath, go in, and change it!!

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