Aug 03, 2015


Being a Stay-at Home Mom: How I Made it Work

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There are mothers that are better mothers when they work. They can manage work and home amazingly, and parenting just as well. I know many working mamas, and their kids are doing great. There are mothers that prefer to stay at home, those that enjoy every minute with their child. I also know many SAH mamas, and their children are also doing great. Then there are those mothers that need a bit of both. They love to stay at home, but ever so often they have a need to go back to work and get that oh-so-very-much needed adult interaction. And their kids are also doing wonderfully. I am one of those mothers.

I always thought I would be the working kind. I just couldn’t see my self at home all the time. I mean, I would go crazy if I did. Right?

After I found out that I was pregnant with my first I was, needless to say, ecstatic (we had been trying over three years). At that moment I started making plans for when the baby would be born, the childcare he/she (we didn’t know the sex) would attend, drop off and pick up arrangements and so on. I had no doubt in my mind that I would be a working mom. And that I would be okay with that. I was also happy to know that I would get to spend 6 full months of uninterrupted mama time with my new baby (it was wonderful how my maternity leave ran into our three month vacation break) before I had to get back to work. Yup, it was all planned out perfectly.

Then he was born.

I was home, and amazingly enough my days were filled with all the wonderfully tiering mama duties a new mama has. And I liked it! But still in my so carefully crafted plans I was going to go back to work.

The six months flew and next thing I knew I was on my way back to work. I dropped off my lovely baby boy at his daycare and gave him a big hug and kiss and left with a little sting in my heart, but again, I was okay.
Days passed and I started to realize I was missing a lot of his firsts. I was happy at work, but not happy about missing such important times in my little guy’s life. After three months of doing this and a long talk with my hubby, the support of my working peers, and some financial adjusting, I left work to become a full time mama. Well, almost.

In the five years I have been at home with my lovelies, I have continued to work off and on. I’m lucky enough to work in a field where I get called back at different times of the year and they work around my schedule, which means I can work when papi is home with the kids or my in-laws can watch them. And like many working mamas turn full time mamas, I started blogging and soon after I started my own small business selling handcrafted goods made by me.

All these types of jobs not only allow me to feel like a productive woman, but also allow me to enjoy the benefits of a full time mama (another mighty busy and productive job.) And I love it!

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Lisa Renata is a proud multicultural Latina of Mexican, German and Japanese descent. She holds a degree in cultural Anthropology and is a certified Interpreter. She is also the creator of, where she shares her craft ideas, and her passion for sewing and photography.

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  1. I admire SAHMs because I don’t know if I could do it. I need that daily adult interaction, but when it comes time to pick up my son from daycare – I am literally flying out of the door so excited to see him! You’re right, everyone is different. Congrats to you for making a decision that works well for you!! Bravo!

  2. Working from home with your child(ren) is the best of both worlds (if it’s for you)! It definitely has its challenges, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kudos to you for making it happen.

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