Aug 03, 2015


Got Money Problems? Change Your Mind

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Whether we want to earn more, or spend less, or get out of debt, or save more, or worry less, if we want to have a better relationship with money, there’s only one thing we need to do to create lasting change.

Change our mind.

It’s not more complicated than that. We don’t have to understand investments, banking, real estate, business, dividends, stocks, ROI’s, percentages, budgets, spreadsheets, or exchange rates. We only need to understand the way our mind works. And, by the way… that’s a big ‘only.’

Money is a neutral thing. It can be proven to exist or not exist. It’s a fact.  It’s a number. It can be a number on paper. It can be a number on your computer screen. It can be a number on a receipt.  It can be a number on a dollar bill in your wallet. This money, this number, doesn’t hold any power on its own. It has no emotional charge. It can’t create pain and it can’t create pleasure. It’s just a number.

The only power it has is the power we give it. And we give it power through our stories.

And, boy-oh-boy, can we tell a good story about these numbers. We tell stories about not having enough of these numbers. We tell stories about how these numbers never stay with us. We tell stories saying how hard we work for these numbers. How difficult these numbers are. How painful these numbers are. We tell stories that we aren’t given enough of these numbers. That other people are given more of these numbers.

If we only had more of these numbers we would feel better. Happier. Smarter. Safer. Hell, even sexier.

These stories roll around in our head day and night and they hold a lot of power over our bodies, our actions and our lives.

When we believe a stressful story, our brain tells our body to feel stress. This has nothing to do with the validity of the story. Whether our story is fiction or truth. Our bodies are servants to our minds.  Our bodies respond with emotion. Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, worry, anger, hopelessness, fear, despair or joy, excitement, optimism, hope. Our bodies respond to the stories that we tell ourselves.

While we are feeling these emotions we live our lives. These feelings determine the way we act, and they color the way we do what we do.

With these feelings, we are constantly doing things.

Buying things.

Selling things.

Building things.

Destroying things.

Avoiding things.

Pretending things.

Drinking things.

Eating things.

Watching things.

Ignoring things.

And, these ‘doings’ add up to significant results.

These actions can create results of success or failure, of wealth or poverty, of savings or debt, of connection or disconnection. These actions can make us richer. They can also make us poorer. If you look around your life and do not like the results you see.

If you’d like to have more money, or less debt, or a better job, or a higher salary, or more money in savings: You have to change your thinking. That’s where I come in.

I help with that big “only” of changing your mind.

Changing your mind takes practice. Most of us were never taught how to think. We weren’t taught that our thinking leads to every result in our life. We weren’t taught what to do with a negative thought or a negative feeling. We weren’t taught to change our mind when we can’t change our circumstances. We weren’t taught that we have the choice to feel better – no matter what is happening around us.

These are skills to learn, understand, and practice. You can learn how to change your mind. You can change those old programs that you’ve been running in the back ground of your financial life; and you can permanently change the way you think about money. I’ve seen hundreds of my clients change their thinking, and I’ve seen the life changing results from their work.

I’ve done this work, and continue to do this work, and have lived the results myself.

They’ve done it.

I’ve done it.

And I know you can too.

Join us.


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Meadow Devor

Meadow Devor

Meadow DeVor is a Master Certified Money Coach who has devoted her practice to helping her clients create a healthy relationship with money. She believes that everyone has the power to transform their lives, find their own financial freedom and create a better relationship with money by changing the way we think. She has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and her articles have been featured in Women's Day Magazine. She is known for her 'take-no-prisoners' approach to coaching, her radical authenticity, and most of all... for her giggle. She is committed to doing serious work while making it as fun as possible. She writes a popular blog about money. You can read more of her work at

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  1. Money does impact our emotions strongly, especially for those in poverty, but I think it’s important to find ways to live anxiety free and let go of the guilt that comes with saving and/or spending our money.

    • Chantilly – I agree – our thoughts about money can be all over the place and can greatly influence our emotions. To relieve the anxiety and guilt – we’ve got to change the way we think about saving/spending our money.

  2. That is a powerful concept that can be applied to many facets of life.

  3. I adore how you addressed emotions and the connection of emotions to the “doings” that we engage in. I believe that we need to be having discussions and doing life changing work around the topic of money.

    I have had to do so much in this area and continue to do so as I embark in my journey of believing in abundance.

    Great article!


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