Aug 04, 2015


Using Colors to Enhance Your Brand, Business or Blog

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Contributing Author:  Tanya Salcido

Brand representation of our company or product is crucial in gaining the trust and confidence of our consumers. While most business owners would focus more in verbal marketing and representations, some do not realize the importance of a visual representation.

In modern psychology, it has been found that people associate things clearly with the use of colors. This is why as business owners, you need to have a clean grasp of what colors your brand representation will be. It’s a crucial choice in terms of properly allowing your brand to communicate and extend itself to all forms of brand ambassadors.

There are many examples of companies that truly understand brand building and color association. One of the best is the two merging arches that make the McDonald’s company logo. The logo itself is simple and uncomplicated, yet it represents a brand on its own with the use of curved lines and the color yellow. Red and yellow has mostly been associated with the brand, since they have been using the logo for years.

Color association can be successfully made use of when creating your marketing materials. Logos, websites, print ads and even business cards should have the same color elements as that of your chosen emotion. Colors will allow you to heighten emotions in your consumers. The following are some of the colors that can be considered when building your brand emotion.

Red Spectrum

Red signifies warmness and passion. All of the colors of its spectrum signify motivation, passion, action and energy. It can be used to create movement and excitement. Lighter shades such as pink to portray romantic tunes and gives the notion of a caring attitude towards the consumer. In moderate use, orange gives the aura of warmth, assurance and can be used in the food business to convey appetite. Yellow can be mixed with other colors to convey brightness and optimism. It makes objects larger than they are. Most of the colors of the red spectrum are great for combinations but should never be overused as it tends to stress the eyes of the readers. Applications include motivational websites, marketing and business related sites.

Blue Spectrum

The colors of the blue spectrum gives out coolness and harmony. It soothes the mind and soul. Other colors of the spectrum such as green can be closely attributed to money and growth, but can also be attributed to harmony and healing. Soothing shades of blue, such as sky blue causes the body to produce calming hormones, in other applications, blue can be associated with steadfastness, dependability, wisdom and loyalty. Purple is considered as a high class shade and is associated with royalty and richness, softer shades such as lavender can be associated with romance. Applications may include inspirational websites, tourism and employment firms.

Neutral Colors

Black and white have their own associations. Power has always been associated with black shades. Black also gives out the notion of sophistication and elegance. White clearly portrays cleanliness and purity. Gray colors are dull in a way but give the notion of security and reliability because consumers will associate it with rock and stone. Soil colors such as brown can be directly associated with stability due to its nature inclined shade. Black and white shades can be combined with several colors and shades to properly instill the firmness to other colors. Applications may include sites offering electronics, banks and computer related websites.

Using a single spectrum may have positive results, but it is always a good idea to mix and match several color spectrums to get the emotion you aiming for. Using white backgrounds with black text will allow the readers to read your text easily; lighter shades of the colors mentioned above (except really bright ones such as pink and yellow) may also be effective. Avoiding harsh colors, such as over use of reds. The most important key in choosing a color set is the audience. When you pick a color, put yourself in the audience’s shoes.

How have you represented your brand though the use of color?
Tanya is the founder and lead creative of Design Action Studios (, a creative studio focusing on business branding based in Orange County, CA. Her company helps entrepreneurs and business owners build a strong, consistent presence offline and online by making use of Inbound Marketing Strategies. Follow her column online at OC Metro, a leading Orange County magazine, where she helps business owners build their brands or connect with Tanya on LinkedIn.

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Angélica Pérez-Litwin

Angélica Pérez-Litwin

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  1. As an artist and a blogger, I’m definitely a big believer in the power of color when it comes to marketing. Thanks for sharing the ‘rules’ of color strategy. Really great post! =)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. It was timely. I think color does a lot for a brand and blog. I am working on color for my DS brand now. Blue, orange, pink, and yellow dominate.

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