Aug 01, 2015


The TRUTH About What Dyslexia Really Is

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Diagnosing My Husband with Dyslexia

When I met my husband, I knew there was something different about him.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but he was a bit goofy in social interactions and much kinder and more sensitive then other men I’d met.  I wouldn’t have pegged him as being Dyslexic though, since he was very good at hiding any difficulties he had.

A few months into dating though, I began to see that something was wrong.  He had an amazing memory and could recall obscure songs or events at a moments notice, but he couldn’t recall basic facts about his life to complete a form at the doctor’s office or job application.  Forms confused him and jumbled his ability to recall these facts.  He could verbally recite needed details, but completing these forms himself took a significant amount of time and focus on his part and I often had to help him in completing them.  This was just the first of many signs that I would begin to notice (see detailed list below).  A possible Dyslexia diagnosis was on my mind, since I grew up with my sister who also had Dyslexia and there were many similarities in their experiences and symptoms, but I needed to learn more.

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Chantilly Patiño

Chantilly Patiño

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