Aug 03, 2015


The Peer Mentoring Advantage

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LLN Peer mentoring

Are you looking for a mentor to help you advance in your career? Try looking right beside you!

The Peer Mentoring Advantage

Peer mentors are excellent resources for individuals looking to advance in their careers. According to, peer mentors may actually suit some professionals better than traditional mentors would. In a day and age when technology, social networking and the sluggish economy seems to be changing how business is conducted, having a peer mentor who understands up-and-coming technology trends, is savvy at leveraging online social networks, and is entrenched in the same economic environment, is a significant advantage. Not to mention that  because peer mentors are often times on the same professional level as their mentees, peer mentors possess a unique, relatable vantage point from which to offer their assistance.

Look to Your Peers

So, how do you go about finding a peer mentor? Well, because peer mentors are your peers, your potential mentor may be part of one of the networks, groups or communities that you already belong to. Keeping that in mind, the Latina Leadership Network, an online community for Latina professionals, recently introduced an Online Peer Mentoring initiative.

LLN’s Online Peer Mentoring Initiative

LLN’s Online Peer Mentoring initiative encourages the growing network’s 2,800+ members to post issues, questions, and work peer mentoring llnproblems that they need to pass by another professional, leader, mentor or entrepreneur — to advance their career or business.

LLN members seeking advice just need to preface their inquiry post with “PEER MENTORING”  and then ask their question or state their situation. According to the LLN’s founder, Dr. Angelica Perez-Litwin, “This is an excellent way for the entire community to learn from each other — as it is likely that other women have similar questions.”

So, visit the Latina Leadership Network’s Facebook page and join the discussion today!





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Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha Love Ramirez

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