Jul 30, 2015


The New Latina Woman

The New Latina woman is smart, talented, driven, ambitious and family-oriented.  She is resourceful and powerful.  As a bicultural woman, she’s a beautiful mosaic of all her cultural pieces, past and present, Latina and Americana.

With new opportunities, she’s building a career or business, going to school, taking care of family, and making her relationship work.  Life is busy, and things can get challenging.  But she has a strong support system — la familia and close friends. She also has herself — strong and resilient.

She’s doing it all.  And living life to the fullest.

The term “New Latina” was conceptualized and trademarked by Angelica Perez-Litwin to identify and celebrate a new generation of Latina women.


As seen on The Huffington Post, Latina, Glamour, iVillage and many more!
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