Jul 29, 2015


The New Latina Project

If you had a chance to read this website’s about page, let me now tell you about The New Latina Project.

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For a full year (2011), we plan on carrying out a national study on Latina women across the country, to get inside her head, her heart, her spirit. Via focus groups, interviews, personal essays and stories, online surveys and video, we hope to collect enough information to more accurately describe the U.S. Latina woman.  The New Latina Project will model the methodology of Maria Shriver’s national study on U.S. women, which culminated in an informative and insightful full length report, the Shriver’s Report.

The New Latina Study will aim to explore:

  • How Latinas see themselves (identity and culture)
  • How Latinas spend their days (work, family life, leisure, creativity)
  • What goals and needs drive Latinas to succeed in life
  • Who and what experiences inspire Latinas to become who they are and feel successful
  • What personal challenges do Latinas face in their day-to-day lives
  • What are their dreams:  those she’s given up on, and those she’s still pursuing
  • What factors appear to be related to educational attainment and artistic pursuits

We need your help and support.

First things first: You can begin supporting this project by:

In October (2010) we will be carrying out an online survey of Latinas in social media.  We hope to tackle a few of the aforementioned questions.  It is our hope to collect as many surveys as possible, and that our amigas Latinas will support this effort.   The online survey will be available from October 10th to October 31st.

We also want your feedback, ideas and support!

This is a collective effort.  A project on Latinas, by Latinas and for Latinas.  We need your input and support:

  • Tells us what you think about this — your feedback is important
  • What else should we be doing to meet the goals of The New Latina Project
  • Do you know someone who can help us?  Tell us about them.
  • Do you represent an organization or an institution that wants to partner with us?  Please let us know.
  • Do you want to become a New Latina Project Ambassador?  To help spread the word and support this effort.

Feel free to use this contact form to communicate with us.  We appreciate your help and enthusiasm!

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