Jul 31, 2015


Taking the Hard ‘Leap of Faith’

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Life Coach Lamonte  on the topic of faith.  And let’s just say this is a topic I know quite a bit about.

I’m living this “take a leap of faith thing” right now. Do you think walking away from the only career you’ve ever known and worked so darn hard for is easy?? Heck no.   And believe me…I fought the gut feeling that it was time to change directions. I fought for 2 YEARS –until it finally created so much anxiety for me that I decided I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

So I did it. I left TV news.  Why? Because I wanted more flexibility, more family time and I truly believe there is something GREATER for me, but the only way to find out is to chase my dreams and start my own business. It’s now or never. So here’s to holding my nose and plunging into the deep end! Just kidding, I’m excited.

But I won’t pretend to be all fearless and stuff.  Leaping into the unknown is scary, but it’s not impossible and that’s what Coach Lamonte pointed out.

He says faith is the power of believing that anything is possible, and he says it’s based on these five principles:

Focus – Being able to pull from an invisible place to make visible the thing you desire the most. You need faith to pull it out of that place and go after it. If you can envision it in your mind, it’s attainable.

Action  – Faith without action is dead. You have to be willing to take action. Don’t just pray about it, be about it!! Coach Lamonte pointed out that the wealthiest place in the world is the cemetery because so many people died with hopes and dreams that they never pursued.

Innovation – This is the ability to create.  Faith requires taking responsibility and bringing something into fruition. For example, I had the idea of Stories To Inspire and I slowly started working on it.  First, I did my research, met with what seemed like a zillion people over coffee, rented equipment and started creating videos. Then came social media accounts, a logo, business cards, our own equipment, contracts and a website. That’s simplifying it, but you get the drift.  Over time, I found my way and brought the idea out of an invisible place, but I’m just getting started!

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Sarah Batista

Sarah Batista

Sarah Batista is an award-winning journalist, mom and entrepreneur. Before launching her film production company Stories to Inspire, Sarah worked 10 years as a reporter and anchor in local television news. In 2013, she took the hard leap of faith to pursue her dream of documentary filmmaking. Sarah’s passionate about sharing real-life experiences and practical knowledge to inspire others. She’s a proud Puerto Rican who happened to grow up in Charlotte, NC. Want to know more or connect? Tweet her @sarahbatistaTV

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  1. Very inspiring story. It is hard to leave what we know to do something new. You have been an inspiration to so many as you’ve traveled this journey. Much success to you.

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