Aug 04, 2015


How Saying “No” Can Be a Positive Way to Balance Your Busy Life

Saying no is a yes to me

I was recently put to the test to see how well I practice what I preach. The past several months brought 16-18 hour days, 7 days a week. I was tackling “rush” jobs at work, only to go home, have dinner, and begin part two of my day, responding to dozens of emails, calls, and […]

When Everything is Full-Time, You Have Less Me-time

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Our lives are so full, fast and furious that even instant gratification can’t meet our changing needs. In my close to 30 years of practicing self-help teachings, the biggest lesson I learned is that if I don’t take care of myself, I will surely derail and run into health issues. Making “me-time” when everything is […]

A Guide To Finding Happiness At Work

happy at work huffpost

  Whether you’re a recent college grad or a career veteran, chances are you’ve fantasized about finding your dream job at some point in your life. Heck, perhaps, even at some point this week ! For many of us, our dream job would provide us with that mythical “work-life balance,” a sense of accomplishment at […]

Balancing Life, Work and Everything Else

balancing life

Balancing life is essential for fulfillment and happiness.  If you’re feeling out of sorts, exhausted, empty or emotional, chances are you’re depleted.  The reality is that we, Latina women, get a lot accomplished.  We work, build careers and businesses, mother our children, care for our parents (andabuelitos and suegras), support our husbands/partners, and even help out in our communities. […]

Ask a Professional: “How Can I Become More Active in Dating?”


Image source Mentoring Hermanas is a Q & A platform on Facebook where your burning questions are answered by a group of professional Latina women.  To submit your question, click here. QUESTION: I am 29 years old and still living at home with my parents. I don’t get to date much because I work long hours. I […]

9 Questions to Consider Before Having Another Baby!


Mujer, are you thinking about having another baby?  Are cute images of soft-skin, rosy cheeks and baby-powdered-smelling-babies popping all over your head?  If your clock for another baby is ticking, you might be weighing the pros and cons of having another bundle of love in your arms. We’ve put together a list of questions to […]

Doing It All: Balancing Work, Life and La Familia


If you are smart, ambitious and talented, chances are you have a full plate – a very large one. The reality is that today’s Latinas want to do it all, and why not?  We’re pursuing fulfilling careers, creating businesses, taking care of family and spending time with our amigas. At work, we aim to excel, and […]

Disbalance: Not always a Bad thing

stress management

source: mbgrigby This week, we’re focusing on work and life. To your surprise, however, I’d like to start this conversation by discussing the importance and meaning of disbalance, not balance, as many might expect. The literature on productivity is filled with ideas and tools on how to create work and life balance.  There is this […]

Is Blogging Taking Over Your Life?


Photo by Christina B Blogging has EXPLODED!  BOOM! Is this You? First thing in the morning:  You check your email, traffic, link backs or comments left on your post. You check your traffic numbers several times a day. And your twitter account.  And your Facebook fan page.  And google analytics.  And…(you fill in the blanks). […]

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