Aug 03, 2015


Live Teleseminar: 7 Strategies to Getting Unstuck

Elisa Balabram, Live Teleseminar: 7 Strategies to Getting Unstuck

This event has already broadcast.  Click here to watch the recorded webinar. Join us for a Live Call with Elisa Balabram, Business & Self-Love Coach. On Thursday, December 5th from 8:00PM to 8:30PM EST, Elisa will share with us her 7 Strategies to Getting Unstuck. An Open Q&A Session (10-minutes) will follow after the seminar, so please have […]

Latina Cubicle Confidential™–The 2014 Latina Agenda: 275 Board Seats or Bust

Fortune 500 Latinas, Latina Cubicle Confidential

The nation’s Fortune 500 companies have approximately 5,463 board of directors.  These positions set the tone of the US economy and establish workplace practices that impact employees and working families throughout the nation. Of these leadership positions, 3.2% are held by Latinos and .07% are held by Latinas according to the Alliance for Board Diversity.  […]

Despite Higher Education, Latinas Graduate to High Pay Gap

Happy female grad

  By Laura Pereyra Latina women have made progress in attaining more higher education in the United States. Today, Latinos make up a record 16.5% of college enrollments, which makes them the largest minority to go to college. This should translate into higher paying jobs and a more equitable pay gap, right? Not quite exactly. Today, […]

10 Tips for Women in Business


Contributing Author:  Alicia Morga I was born with entrepreneurial tendencies but I didn’t become an entrepreneur until I was 33 years old.  Nothing has taught me more about myself than starting a business.  Here are my tips for entrepreneurs and all women in business. 1. Get connected and stay connected. Meet as many people in […]

The $100 Business Idea

Weekend RecommendationsCropped

I keep meeting so many women with hopes of setting up a small business, something on the side while they still work full-time, or take care of their kids at home.  But money and fear seem to get in the way of them moving forward with their entrepreneurship dreams. This is why I like Chris […]

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