Jul 29, 2015


Career Spotlight: What is a Physician Assistant?

Portrait of smiling female doctor

My dear cousin, Amanda, graduated with a degree as a Physician Assistant last year, at the age of 23!  She completed her studies at  Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education in New York.  Weeks after she graduated from the physician assistant program, Amanda was fully employed in a large hospital, delivering babies!  And because she’s young and […]

5 Must-Read Articles for Smart Money Management


On New Latina, we recently had the opportunity to talk with a personal money coach, Meadow Devor.  She shared her expertise with us and imparted some smart money tips and thought-provoking wisdoms about spending.  Here are five great articles that will help you to build a successful relationship with your money and offer you some […]

CRAVE: A Resource for Women Entrepreneurs | Connect, Inspire & Succeed


Entrepreneur Resource Spotlight:   The CRAVE Company CRAVE is one of those rare one stop shop for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. We love their innovative approach to promoting women’s entrepreneurial spirit and connecting business women around the world.  For that reason (and for their gorgeous website and CRAVE guides), the spotlight is on CRAVE as […]

Create iPhone Apps That Rock: A Guide for Non-Technical Folks

how to create iphone apps

Create iPhone Apps That Rock: A Guide for Non-Technical Folks You may have had this thought yourself or know someone who has: “I have a great app idea.”  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  But ideas are a dime a dozen.  It’s the execution that counts.  So where do you start? Well you might be surprised […]

5 Must-Read Articles About Latino Identity

what are you?

One of the realities of being Latino in the U.S. is juggling dual identities.  Bicultural Latinos in the U.S. face unique challenges while straddling borders between greater American culture and their personal Latino identity. At New Latina, we make it our mission to highlight the stories of bicultural and multicultural Latinas who are balancing their […]

15 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions!


I must admit that as beauty conscious as I may be, I still have my days when I occasionally sleep in my makeup, forget to wash my makeup brushes or go weeks without doing a deep conditioning treatment on my hair. The good thing about starting a new year is that it leaves room for […]

Choosing the Best Dating Site for You

Online Dating

There are hundreds of dating sites you can try and billions of people on them. Thank goodness it’s no longer seen as the crazy thing to do! It is widely accepted that busy people need a way to meet other busy people. Still, depending on where you are in your life right now and what […]

Dealing With a Difficult Suegra

"Monster In Law" Face Off

Image source Jennifer Lopez’s on-screen character, “Charlie” faces off with her mother-in-law, “Viola”, (played by Jane Fonda), in the movie “Monster in Law.” “Suegra” is Spanish for “mother-in-law” but the problems that can occur between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law need no translating. The historically difficult relationship knows no borders when it comes to race, religion, […]

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