Aug 01, 2015


Latina Spotlight on Caroline Alvo, Founder of

Caroline Alvo

They say that you should create the change that you hope to see in the world, and that’s just what fashion entrepreneur Caroline Alvo did. Frustrated with her own shopping experiences as a petite woman, Caroline decided to create a solution: Gambita. Gambita is an online “boutique for fashion-forward petites.” Join us as we shine this […]

8 Tips for Shiny, Sexy and Healthy Hair!


Healthy Hair Tips Your hair is your number one accessory. It can add or take away from your overall look, so it’s important to take care of it. Here I share some beauty tips to keep your tresses in healthy and beautiful condition! 1. CHILL WITH THE LATHER One of the biggest misconceptions people have […]

My Top 3 Halloween Makeup Tutorials (Get Inspired)!


  Getting Started with Halloween Makeup Halloween is just around the corner! Do you have your costume yet chica? If you don’t –no worries! Check out my three favorite Halloween makeup tutorials by these awesome Latina beauty vloggers and get some inspiration. Your costume won’t be complete without some mesmerizing Halloween makeup to go with […]

Maternity Fashion: How to be Stylish, even with a Baby Bump

Maternity Fashion

Image source Sometimes trying to dress an ever-expanding baby bump can seem like a very daunting task, but luckily with a few maternity fashion tips there’s no reason why you can’t be stylish while pregnant. Here are a few tips for all you moms-to-be to get you on your way.   5 Quick Maternity Fashion […]

6 Quick Tips for Extending the Life of Your Wardrobe

Make your wardrobe last

Taking good care of your clothes is essential to making sure they last a long time. The longer they last = the less money you’ll have to spend on replacing them right? Okay, I admit it, there was once a time when I wouldn’t take good care of my clothes, but luckily for me, my […]

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