Jul 31, 2015


Infographic: The Case For Investing In Women

investing in women

  Did you know that though women make up more than 50% of the U.S. adult population, they only account for 35% of the people who “get involved in starting businesses.” It’s sad, but true. According to an infographic shared by TheRepresentationProject.com, this discrepancy is due in part to the fact that female entrepreneurs have […]

4 Business Articles That’ll Unlock Your Mind

Unlock Unblock your mind

  Unblocking Your Mind, Unlocking Your Thoughts Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals experience mental blocks. Mental blocks are common and can be caused by any of several factors, including stress, exhaustion, or even lack of stimulation. Whatever the cause, the effects can at times feel debilitating and may even wreak havoc on […]

New Latinas: Tanya Alvarez and Lizbeth Cardozo

Tany and Lizbeth 3

Today’s spotlight shines on two New Latinas who also happen to be good amigas and business partners.  How cool is that?!   Tany and Lizbeth share their friendship story and their thoughts on being Latina, business and balancing it all.  Enjoy! NL: Please tell us about your friendship.  How did you both meet and how long […]

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