Jul 05, 2015


Fotografía from the inside out (en Cuba)

La quinceañera

 La Quinceañera during Cuba’s special period A Few Líneas – is a weekly column — less than 200-word posts on everyday trivial and not-so-trivial observations, by Dharma E. Cortes. Today is time for MORE than “A few líneas” because 200 words are not enough to share one of my best travel experiences ever. I recently spent a […]

Pancakes in Cuba

Havana Cuba 1

Havana, Cuba This is a guest post by Kaneisha Grayson I was ecstatic when I learned that my visa application to study abroad in Havana, Cuba for the first semester of my junior year of college was granted. My American housemates and I would be spending the next four months as international students at La […]

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