Aug 04, 2015


Cultural & Developmental Implications for Counseling Survivors of Disasters

counseling victims of disaster

Cultural & Developmental Implications for Counseling Survivors of Disasters Hurricane season officially starts June 1 and lasts through November. The National Hurricane Center has predicted another busy hurricane season.  As someone who experienced 9/11 up close and personal, I understand intimately how firsthand and vicarious trauma from man made and natural disasters can have an […]

The Impact of Diversity Sensitivity on Couples and Family Counseling

Diversity Counseling

  When providing mental health services to individuals, couples and families of diverse backgrounds, mental health counselors should consider the impact that diversity sensitivity has on the quality of the services rendered. This week, Xiomara A. Sosa, the Executive Creator of the National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Network, breaks down the ways in which diversity sensitivity impacts the […]

The Influence of Worldview on the Therapeutic Relationship: Counseling Hispanic Clients

world view

Some Hispanic Americans tend to have a distrustful view toward non-Hispanic Americans mental health professionals, due  in part to the long history of hostility, prejudice and injustice they have experienced as a group. Catholicism has also had a great influence on the worldview of Hispanics in general. The relationship between a non-Hispanic counselor and Hispanic […]

Health Coaches: A New Type of Healthcare Professional

Health coaching

Have you ever set a weight loss goal but failed to reach it? Has a doctor ever asked you to make a lifestyle change that was difficult? Do you find yourself grabbing that empanada and kicking yourself later? Have you ever felt like you just didn’t have the time? These types of scenarios are common […]

How To Tell If The Man In Your Life Is Depressed

Depression men

Photo by Tiago Ribeiro Real men get real depression. If you’ve been with your hombre for a while, chances are you know him well:  his favorite sports team; how he likes his steak; and what makes him smile. But can you tell if he’s depressed? Although both men and women suffer from depression, men are […]

Que Pasa? Young Latinas and Suicide Attempts


souce: stars alive Did you know that young Latinas attempt suicide at a much higher rate than any other ethnic group?  According to the 2009 CDC survey of high school students, 1 out of 9 Latina teens attempts suicide, and the rate is higher (15-21%) in New York City. Like many taboo subjects, suicide is […]

Is Psychotherapy Still Taboo for Latinos?

Counselling and Support

source: Joe Houghton Not long ago, I was waiting for an elevator at an office building.  I overhead the following conversation between a Latina woman and a Latino man, both in their early thirties: The guy comments:  “I didn’t sleep well last night…got terrible insomnia…I’m tired, breaking down…” The woman replies:  “What’s going on? Why […]

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