Aug 04, 2015


9 Powerful Tips for Beating Social Anxiety


Do you panic when you hear the words “public speaking,” or  “social networking?” Does the thought of presenting to a group of colleagues enough to send you under a table for coverage? What is Social Anxiety? The Mayo Clinic defines social anxiety disorder as a chronic condition that causes an irrational anxiety or fear of activities or […]

What to Expect When You Go for Psychotherapy


My Psychology Private Practice Office If you’ve never been to psychotherapy (or counseling by a mental health professional), you might be wondering what exactly happens on the first therapy visit.  As a licensed, clinical psychologist in private practice, I would like to demystify this process and shed some light into the wonderfulness of going for […]

The Monster Under The Bed


This is a guest post from Ann Mehl. One of my clients, Ed, a sales manager, came to see me in a state of barely-controlled panic. A recent round of layoffs at his company had left him with fewer sales agents and even greater demands for bottom-line results, for which he felt personally responsible. “I know there’s […]

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