Aug 02, 2015


Spotlight on Vanessa Cabezas, President of Majestic Relations

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Vanessa Cabezas founded Majestic Relations, a boutique Public Relations firm, in 2006 and never looked back. Today, Vanessa and her team manage clients in New York City, Miami and Las Vegas. No matter how busy this young entrepreneur is, she always manages to provide each of her clients with the personalized services that have made her a standout in her field. Join us as we shine this week’s Latina Spotlight on Vanessa Cabezas, President of Majestic Relations. 

You founded Majestic Relations in 2006. What prompted you to start your own boutique PR firm?

I moved from New York to Miami in 2006.  It was a new beginning for me and I just knew in my heart that I wanted to work for myself.

I had no idea how I would begin, but I knew that I hated routine and that wanted to do things differently. Working a 9 to 5 job for someone else just wasn’t in my plans.

I started by freelancing a lot and then worked on a project with Actress Gabriela Spanic.  I was inspired by her strength and wisdom. She gave me a lot of advice; at the time I knew nothing about the industry I’m in now.  I soon became confident in what I was doing.

The primary push in starting my own boutique firm was my father’s spirit and my mother, who is my hero.  I lost my father tragically a few years ago to a hate crime and it was his strict voice that would play in my head over and over again. The words he said to me when he was alive made me push myself hard to just do it [start a business].  As for my mother, she was business owner herself: she ran a daycare center in Queens, NY for 20 years.  She provided me with encouragement and gave me the strength that I needed to begin my own  business.  These people are the reason Majestic Relations began.

What is Majestic Relations’ mission?

Majestic Relations’ mission is to to make every client, artist, corporation, publication, or special event a true standout in today’s competitive environment.  It is an important part of our services to expose our clients in a unique manner.  We are dedicated to rewarding partnerships that add value to our clients.  Majestic Relations sets the tone for our clientele’s image.

What services does Majestic Relations offer?

We offer public relations, event marketing, brand development, sponsorship, corporate communications and social media services.

How has being an entrepreneur changed your outlook on business and on life?

It has made me believe that all things are possible. Its definitely not easy, but it’s a great feeling to see things happen because you made them happen. Changing peoples lives and getting them recognized is pretty awesome.  Sharing a client’s hard work and accomplishments with the public is rewarding for both the client and myself.

What has been your biggest personal challenge, and what has been your biggest professional challenge?

My biggest personal challenge is trying to make everything happen at once.  It is hard to do a million things for family, friends, etc. when you own a business. My professional challenge is to continue to grow my business.  Patience, Vanessa! Haha!

As a Latina business owner, what would you say are the  top three attributes exhibited by Latinos in business?

I would say the top three attributes for Latinos in business are passion, humility and perseverance. A lot of us come from humble beginnings and being passionate about what we do allows us to persevere and triumph.

What gives Majestic Relations an edge against its competitors when it comes to promoting Latino businesses and reaching Latino consumers?

Majestic Relations is very hands-on—we provide very personalized services for our clients. At Majestic Relations, we think out of the box to make things happen for our clients. Relating to our clients and connecting to their world is key in accomplishing their goals. We are very versatile.

If you could add three extra hours to your day, how would you utilize them?

1.   Enjoying myself with those I love

2.   Working on more businesses

3.   Meditating and doing more yoga when I can, so I can repeat 1 and 2 again!

What is your next big dream?

Wow! I have so many, but one in particular is to adopt a child from a third-world country.  I would be giving a child a better life filled with endless opportunities.

What is your advice to other Latina professionals?

Always continue to learn. Try not to take yourself too seriously when you are at the top. Also, inspire others when you can.  You can change someone’s life with inspiring words.  Many people have changed mine and we need more of that to go around.

For more information about Majestic Relations, visit, “like” the company at or follow Vanessa and her team at!



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  1. Vanessa is fantastic!! , she is an inspiration to all Latinas out there.

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