Jul 30, 2015


Spotlight on the LAM Network and the Little Black Dress Personal Branding Seminar

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LAM little black dress

In business, image is everything. Everything that you do as a business professional, from your elevator pitch to the clothes that you wear, represents your personal brand. Join the LAM network at San Francisco’s Sky Bar & Lounge on June 27th, as they partner with stylist Laura Moreno to present the Little Black Dress personal branding seminar! Dress smart. Dress the part. 

What is LAM? 

LAM is an exclusive multi-platform network connecting highly educated Latino professionals online and in person.Through a social media network and inspiring events, LAM creates strong and dynamic opportunities for like-minded individuals to foster valuable relationships. LAM differentiates from other online community networks because of the diverse group of individuals that join LAM in terms of profession, backgrounds, age. 

What sets LAM apart from other online community networks?

LAM distinguishes itself from other organizations by selectively targeting highly educated Latinos and providing them with upscale and professional online & offline networking opportunities.  

Who are the LAM members?

LAM membership is a diverse group of individuals in terms of profession, backgrounds, and age. We have non-profit leaders, lawyers, engineers, educators, financial analysts, and more. However, there is one thing in common, they are all passionate, ambitious, and fun.

What are some statistics about LAM?

Currently there are 5,100 members and 9,000 email subscribers in LAM; over 85% of the members are in the SF Bay Area and the rest are scattered all over the world with a big group in Los Angeles and New York.
Over 87% of our members have a bachelors degree, 40%+ a masters degree, and 20% a PhD, MD, or JD.
Last year we hosted over 20 events with a total of 4,000 attendees.

What’s next for LAM? 

LAM will be celebrating it’s 6th Year Anniversary at W San Francisco on July 13th with more than 12 Latino organizations as co-hosts including CA Hispanic Chamber, NSHMBA San Francisco, SHPE San Francisco, The Mexican Museum,  Latino Community Foundation, and others.
In addition, LAM is currently in the process of finalizing a strategic plan to launch nationally with Los Angeles as the first expansion city.
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LAM is presenting Little Black Dress–a personal branding seminar for Latinas. What are the top three cardinal rules for successful personal branding? (Answers via Little Black Dress facilitator Laura Moreno, of lalydesigns.com)

  • Have a personal branding statement.  Use this statement to express your skills, personalities and values.
  • Build your personal brand by creating and establishing your presence through networks and online social platforms. 
  • Claim your expertise. Don’t just say you are an expert, prove it! Share your success stories.

 What are your top three cardinal rules for dressing for success? 

  • Dress with comfort and your personality in mind.  Make sure the clothes fit right and that you won’t be adjusting them throughout the day. Also make sure they reflect who you are so they get a sense of you through your wardrobe. 
  • Dress with your audience in mind. Know who you are meeting with and make sure you know their dress. 
  • Dress for your body type. Wear things that not only fit you but are flattering for your body it will make you feel confident and comfortable. 

What will participants of the Little Black Dress seminar gain from the event?

They will gain an understanding on how to write their own personal branding statement. Additionally, we will share how to build a brand presence through an organic and candid approach. Finally, they will leave with a sense of how to dress with suggestions in mind. 

To RSVP for the Little Black Dress event visit: http://lam-network.com/events/little-black-dress-personal-branding-seminar/

To join LAM apply here: http://lam-network.com/
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Tanisha Love Ramirez

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