Aug 01, 2015


Spotlight on Johanna Torres, Multi-Media Lifestyle Expert!

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Current job/professional title: Multi-media Lifestyle Expert/Editor/Blog Creator

Company’s name: Mi Blogazine, Inc.

Country of origin or family heritage? I was born the second of five children (as the oldest daughter) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. College studies brought me to Boston, MA, and the rest is history. Even though I have spent my adult years and more than half of my life between Boston and New York, I am puertorriqueña all the way.

City you live in: I live in Huntington, Long Island, an hour east of the Big Apple.

Professional/social achievements: I am most proud of a career that has spanned over 23 years in all areas of media, with focus on serving the US Hispanic market with good quality information. Having been involved in many different platforms (as an editor in print, a photographer, a voice over talent, as a TV producer, a regular contributing expert in radio and TV shows, etc.) has all been fascinating and most rewarding on the professional side. My role as founding editor of Siempre Mujer magazine was a dream come true and definitely an experience I am truly incredibly grateful for. But my turning point came as I exited that place to explore life as an entrepreneur with the launch of Mi Blogazine, Inc. Not only am I having a blast in the creative process of generating content that connects emotionally with this audience, but love every conversation that brings me closer to doing it in new ways!

Three words that best describes you: Creative, detail oriented, passionate!

What makes you a smart Latina? I am open minded and not afraid to see things in new different ways. Also, a sense of self confidence will go a long way regardless of your accent or the color of your skin (even if you are the only woman in a room full of guys). Speaking from the heart about things you are well informed about is key to that attitude, but knowing when/how to listen is important too!

Stilettos or Flats? The higher the better! Enough said!

Who has always inspired you to be your best? The women in my family —my mom and two sisters especially— are some of the amazing women that I have ever known and I feel blessed to have them inspire me every day. Their assertiveness and strength are only two of the admirable qualities they share that have helped them navigate the most adverse life situations. When facing a tough challenge, the thought of them gets me going.

Merengue, Salsa, Bachata or Other? All of the above, but I favor ballads! What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic…

What’s your favorite hobby or creative outlet? Hanging out with my three children is invigorating and fun! Creatively speaking, photography is a real therapy for me. It let’s me zoom in into the interesting and sometimes beautiful smallest things that we tend to ignore in life. Music brings me peace. Yoga relaxes me. Going to the beach is the ideal escape.

25 million Latinas and counting!  Your thoughts…? More power to us!

Countries you’ve visited, and your favorite one: Traveling is a passion of mine and am lucky to share it with my boyfriend. Having traveled around the US, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe, I would still say Italy is magical. The food, culture, art, history, people, sights, nature are all so rich and fascinating!

Describe a perfect day off from work: I love what I do and always have. I know it sounds like cliché but it’s true! A perfect day is each one when I see the product of my work coming to life, particularly if that product is a collaboration of great, creative minds .

Favorite TV show: I channel surf constantly and don’t really have a favorite show. But I if you really want to know I do enjoy cooking, decorating and travel shows the most.

Favorite magazine: I’m a magazine junkie. I read them ALL!

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? Juggling career and family has been my biggest accomplishments. My three children are my pride and joy!

What has been your biggest challenge in life? On the personal level, navigating the hardships that come from a long divorce process while keeping it together for my children and managing the high demands of my job.

What is your next dream? To continue to pursue my passion in media as the industry continues to evolve, to find great exciting business opportunities and to have fun while doing it all!

To learn more about Johanna and her work, visit Mi Blogazine!


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Angélica Pérez-Litwin

Angélica Pérez-Litwin

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