Aug 01, 2015


Spotlight: Nicole Torres, Talented Interior Designer and Blogger

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Today’s New Latina’s Spotlight is on Nicole Torres, an interior designer with a passion for refurbishing furniture. Read more about this inspirational Latina.

Country of Origin and Family Heritage: I was born in The United States and raised in Manhattan, New York (Spanish Harlem). My mother Lillian Borges was born and raised in New York, and so was my father, Robert Jackson. My maternal grandmother, Elena Aponte was of Spanish and French descent, born and raised Puerto Rico. One of my goals is to research my culture and learn more about my family’s heritage.

Career and Professional Information: I hold an A.S. degree in Interior Design from Palm Beach Community College. I currently work for the Government.

Professional/Social Achievements: My personal achievement by far has to be designing my blog/website.  Blogging has taught me to have patience and to be consistent in whatever it is that I choose to do. Blogging has given me the confidence to learn how to network with other fellow bloggers/designers and not be afraid to ask questions. I am more confident now with the World of Interior Design. With patience and persistence, I created a place to share my passion, which is to refurbish furniture.

This NewLatina Spotlight is my very first Interview. To me, this is my second professional achievement, with many more to come.

nicole torres


nicole torres

Who has always inspired you to be your best?  I have to say my mom, Lillian Borges. She was my best friend, but a mother first and was always there for me, no matter what my decisions were. She worked for the Board Of Education for 22 years in NYC, and that inspired me. I was so proud of her. My mother passed away in 2002.  I will be forever grateful, for the time I had with her. I know she is proud and protecting me.  She is my spiritual inspiration, my guardian.

25 million Latinas and counting! Your Thoughts? I am so proud to know that so many Latina women are being recognized more and more for their achievements. I would love to give back and hopefully inspire more Latinas along the way to reaching my goals. Being there to support one another is key to a successful community of Latinas!

Your Favorite Magazine? I have to say Dwell. I enjoy reading this magazine cover to cover. I do have a couple more magazines that make me smile, Flea Market Style and Metropolitan Home. I love when magazines show before and after ideas along with style and sustainable designs. It makes me feel like you can do that or maybe design that style home or possibly purchase a dwell home someday. They inspire me…

Your Favorite TV Show? When I have a chance to watch TV/design shows, I enjoy Color Splash: David Bromstad, Devine Design: Candace Olson, and Design on a Dime: Casey Noble.

Stilettos or Flat Shoes? I have to say flats, I have to be prepared in case I see a chair on the side of the road. I want to able to run and snatch it up before someone else does. I do wear stilettos when necessary!

Describe a Perfect Day Off From Work? Being able to spend quality time with my children and my love, that is very important to me. Refurbishing a piece of furniture and possibly finishing it in one day is my kind of day home from work too.

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge In Life? Balancing work, my children and making time to design/refurbish furniture is my biggest challenge. I have learned to try and not do it all in one day, but to take a day out of the week for my work.

What Is Your Next Big Dream? Opening my own shop where people can go and feel like home, yet all items will be salvaged, refurbished, recycled, and eco friendly goods. Providing a relaxing atmosphere yet “Keeping It Green”, a phrase I have come up with to represent what my goals are. I want people to remember me even when they are not in my shop. I want my shop to be a comfortable place to chat while enjoying the surroundings of chairs, pillows, vintage goods, modern pieces and scented candles. I can’t wait!

To see more of Nicole’s work, visit her website: DesignItGirlBlog.

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Marlyn Nuñez is a graduate of New York University, earning a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies. She also received a Masters Degree in Education from CUNY's City College.

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