Jul 30, 2015


Spotlight: Mariela Dabbah, Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur

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Career and Professional Information: Writer, speaker, media contributor, founder and CEO of www.latinosincollege.com

Degrees You Hold: Mater’s Degree in Philosophy and Literature, University of Buenos Aires

Country of Origin or Family Heritage: I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and have been in the U.S. since I was 24.

I live in Westchester County, New York, a suburb of New York City and I love the fact that I’m 45 minutes away from the intense energy of Manhattan yet, I live by the water, surrounded by woods, in close contact with nature.

Professional/Social Achievements: I’m an award winning, best-selling author of several books that focus on success through education and career development for Latinos. Some of my titles: “The Latino Advantage in the Workplace,” “Latinos in College: Your Guide to Success.” “Help your Children Succeed in School,” “Help your Children Succeed in High School and Go to College,” “How to Get a Job in the U.S.” and my latest book, which will be published in March by Penguin: “El poder de la mujer”.

I contribute frequently to CNN, Univision, Telemundo and many other local and national networks with segments on women empowerment, education and professional development.

Who Has Inspired You to Be Your Best? I get inspiration from all sorts of people all the time. The obvious first inspiration is my parents who always made it clear that I could do whatever I wanted to do and achieve whatever dreams I had. But on an ongoing basis, I get inspired by men and women who face and overcome apparently unsurmountable challenges. And by creative people who come up with brilliant ideas, and by my close friends who cheer me on along the way.

25 Million Latinas and Counting! Your thoughts? We need to continue developing professionally so we can reach more leadership positions because the numbers alone don’t bring power.

Countries You Have Visited and Your Favorite One: I’ve been to many countries in Europe: Greece, France, Spain, England, Swizterland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Hungry, Austria. The Americas: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brasil, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, U.S., Canada.

There are many, many favorite cities but two of my all-time favs are: Sirinçe, a tiny mountain town in Turkey and Brugge, an adorable and picturesque little town in Belgium where there are 51 chocolate stores in a few blocks!

Describe a Perfect Day Off From Work: Hanging out in Soho with my friends from my reading book club. Exploring a new little restaurant and engaging in great conversations. Or, walking around in some remote town where I don’t speak the language and I can still figure out how to order the local equivalent to a good espresso!

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge in Life? Given that I didn’t go to college in this country and never worked in a corporation, my biggest challenge has been to create my powerful network. I have accomplished it over years of hard work, perseverance and always being impeccable with my work and my word. This is something many people born and raised overseas need to deal with because we all tend to develop our strongest personal and professional bonds in high school, college and our jobs.

What is Your Next Big Dream? Right now, I’m focusing on my next big dream which is to have my own TV and radio show where I can continue to provide tools and inspiration to millions of people interested in their personal and professional growth. At the same time, I’d like to start working on women’s issues at a global level.


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Angélica Pérez-Litwin

Angélica Pérez-Litwin

Dr. Perez-Litwin is the Founder & CEO of ELLA Leadership Institute, a multi-platform professional development organization designed to advance the careers and leadership of women. She's the creative force behind the LATINAS THINK BIG™ national tour, sponsored and live-streamed by Google.

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