Jul 30, 2015


Spotlight: Dash Harris, Creator of the Upcoming Docu-Series ‘Negro: A Docu-Series about Latino Identity’

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Journalist & Docu-Series Creator

Journalist, Dash Harris, is on a mission to explore the dynamics of Latino identity in the U.S. and abroad.  Her upcoming docu-series, Negro, examines both history and present attitudes about skin color, social hierarchies and self-identification of Latinos of the African Diaspora.

In recent months, you may have noticed her tweeting and sharing on Facebook about her project and spreading as much awareness as she can about AfroLatin@ culture, identity and history.  You probably also saw her tweeting with us at the Empowered AfroLatina Twitter Party earlier this week.  She has tons of great insights about all things AfroLatin@ and never fails to provide an interesting conversation!

I met her in a chat about the docu-series from Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., Black in Latin America.  Dash and I connected over a Twitter discussion about the lack of Latino perspectives in the documentary and our mutual concern that a series more specifically about Latino identity was needed.  She told me about how she was producing a docu-series of her own and that she was raising funds to keep production going and tell these important stories from Latinos around the world, both experts and everyday conversationalists.

Dash, a self-proclaimed feminist and Latina entrepreneur, shared her latest project with me, a docu-series that examines the complexities of Latino identity, colorism and topics that relate to racial and social classification systems.

‘Negro: A Docu-Series About Latino Identity’

Dash shared a promotional segment of her docu-series with us late last year.  Watch the video below:


More About Dash & her Docu-Series

Want to learn more about Dash and her docu-series about Latino identity?  We caught up with her, during her recent filming in Puerto Rico, to ask more about why she’s so passionate about this topic and how she plans to accomplish her goal of completing this important docu-series.

A Special Interview for NEW LATINA:

Learn more about Dash and the docu-series:

‘Negro’ Documentary Website – negrodocumentary.com

Youtube Channel – www.youtube.com/user/InADashMedia

GoFundMe Donor Page – www.gofundme.com/9o51g

Follow Dash on Twitter – twitter.com/#!/inadash

Like her page on Facebook – www.facebook.com/NegroDocu




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