Jul 28, 2015


A Solteras Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day

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valentine's day

Whether you are a hopeless romantic (I am) or not, El Dia del Amor y Amistad, can be a bit challenging-especially if you’re single. This Valentine’s Day start and end the day with passion, optimism and joy. Here are a few tips to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable:

Celebrate YOU. Pamper yourself! Treat yourself to a mani and pedi, go to the Spa or if you feel like staying in bed and watching movies all day, do just that. What better day than Valentine’s Day to indulge in some much needed self-appreciation.

Embrace your single status. There is no need to change who you are. Embrace the fact that you are single and rather than feel down about Valentine’s Day, celebrate your strengths and the achievements that have helped you become self-resilient, a Latina who has space for love should it come along but who does not need a relationship to solidify self-worth, confidence or happiness.

Stay positive by getting creative. You only have one life to live, so start thinking BIG. Yes, you’re single, so use what you have and what you know as a form of inspiration. Start a blog, join a meet up group in your city or think about taking your business idea to the next level. We are all unique and have something special to contribute to the world. Take some time to think about what that is and use it to nurture your personal and or professional goals.

Make it a girl’s night out, no men allowed. One of the best ways of celebrating love is by celebrating with your friends. Get dolled up and go out with your amigas! Spend your night dancing and celebrating your friendships-You will have an amazing time!

Patience in Perspective. Take a moment to understand the difference between being alone and being lonely. Loneliness is an absence, a feeling that something is missing. Aloneness is being totally present. Nobody else is needed, you are enough. The most important thing to remember is that you always have the ability to adjust your “soltera” perspective at any moment (that’s one of the perks of being single!).

Whatever it is you decide to do on V-Day, do it with intention. Your life is full of amazing blessings and moments of joy that you may sometimes overlook. Enjoy the freedom of being single today because you never know what Cupid’s plans are tomorrow.

¡Feliz día de los enamorados!

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Catherine Lajara

Catherine Lajara

Catherine Lajara is the Founder & CEO of Novel Research of New York, a clinical research center in the Bronx. Her mission is to eliminate health disparities by implementing community based initiates to provide education on prevention, early detection and treatment. Ms. Lajara is passionate about educating Latinos, African-Americans and other minorities on the importance of clinical trials and how their outcomes affect our communities. Ms. Lajara has worked as a clinician and patient advocate for over 10 years and a clinical research coordinator for over 7 years. Ms. Lajara currently lives in New York City.

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