Aug 01, 2015


Shared Love of Laundry

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People talk about the many ways in which humans and their dogs connect. My dog Frida and I connect through our shared love of laundry. Ever since I did my first load, I discovered my love for laundry. I do laundry several times a week even though we are only two adults at home. Frida does not do laundry, but she loves sitting on top of warm (CLEAN!) laundry coming out of the dryer. The moment she hears the dryer’s door opening she runs towards it. I recently underwent surgery requiring general anesthesia. As I was in the pre-op area waiting to be wheeled to the OR, a nurse stopped by and said: “It’s cold in here. I’ll bring you a warm sheet.” She pulled out a folded sheet from an oven-like cabinet, and brought it over. When that sheet made contact with my body, I immediately said, “Now I understand my dog’s love of laundry.” Minutes later I was taken to the OR, the miracle of general anesthesia occurred, and I was waking up in the recovery area. A sweet nurse aide said to me, “How are you feeling? I know you have a dog. The first thing you said when you were waking up from anesthesia was, ‘Where is my dog?’” I smiled…

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Dharma Cortés

Dharma Cortés

Dharma E. Cortés, Ph.D. moved to the United States from her native Puerto Rico more than 25 years ago. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and Frida Flor del Rosario, their locally rescued Puerto Rican mini-dachshund with a hint of sato pedigree. At home, they communicate in español. When she is not observing the trivial or not-so-trivial, Dharma is conducting public health research.

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  1. OMG, that is too adorable!

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