Jul 28, 2015


How to Run A Business Like A Man

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start a business like a man

How to Run A Business Like A Man

There’s a preconceived notion about women in the workforce. Business success was a label and role once held by men, while women were labeled homemakers.  Men are driven and outspoken; and women are labeled pushy and emotional. If we’re hard in the boardroom like Keyshia Cole said “we’re labeled bitches, but if men do it, they’re just being businessmen.”  Will those labels change anytime soon? Maybe not soon enough for some. Personally, I embraced the label because it was necessary for me, not just as a woman in business but as a single mom. I felt the label and even the hard actions were necessary for those who underestimated me to think twice about disrespecting me.

That approach, is now becoming an old way of thinking. Thanks to so many women stepping into leading roles in the corporate world, and the rise of the mujer entrepreneur. Women are now changing things and how we’re perceived.

So how do we continue to change the tides and embrace those great male characteristics and actions that our male counterparts do so well and put our spin on it so that we’re the new example of successful business mujeres (women)?

Putting a Male Spin On It

Instead of talking about it, I’ll give you some examples of ACTIONS that women have taken to embrace their great business lessons from men and put their own spin on it.

To read Jacky’s “spin,” keep reading at Amigapreneur!

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