Jul 28, 2015


Run 2014 Like A Boss

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“Think about the process and not the end result. Go in with a good mindset” Brenda Martinez – World Champion Latina Runner

Hit The Ground Running

I agree with Will Smith when he asks, “Why wait for New Years to start something new, when you can start today?” New Year’s resolutions put a lot of pressure on us to become new people. Starting today allows you to take it day-by-day, bit-by-bit, and make real changes like the boss lady that you are!

So, what can you do today to run 2014 like a boss? First things first: start by looking back and then walk ahead.

Backwards Approach

Don’t worry, chica, you won’t fall flat on your face. Many times it’s extremely difficult to figure out what you want and need. You become so consumed with the bad aspects of your life that you forget how resilient and savvy you really are. That’s why the backwards approach is so helpful.

First, consider what you don’t want. By doing so, it’ll help you to become clear on what you DO want, and more importantly, why you want it. Once you have that clarity, the only thing left to do is focus.

Start Off On The Right Foot

What better way to get focus then with some honesty? Take wanting to lose weight in 2014. It’s not enough to say, “Well, I’d like to be healthier and have more energy”, when realistically you don’t just want to to feel self-conscious in some of the clothes you wear or you don’t want your weight (or scale) to determine your self-esteem anymore.

In your business you can’t just say, “I’d like be more profitable next year.”  You have to be honest about why. Try saying, “I don’t want to keep losing money in a business I love come next year.”

Remember, this is the time to be honest with yourself about the things that aren’t working.

Stop Asking For Permission

Boss ladies don’t ask permission, so why are you? Once you figure out what you don’t want, it’s time to stop asking permission.

The no permission approach requires you to take action despite that little voice freaking out. You know, that annoying little voice that tells you no when your intuition tells you yes; it tells you that you can’t do something when you know you can! For the most part, she gets a big say in your life. She disguises herself as a little voice that is meant to keep you “safe,” when in reality, it’s just fear talking. The no-permission approach is meant to keep you moving and get you past that fear and doubt.

“Paralysis is a choice. I am literally paralyzed, but in many ways I’m free. A lot of people are free of physical limitations, but are paralyzed by fear, anxiety, depression, and a sense of helplessness. They don’t believe their lives will improve and they’re as good as paralyzed.“ Christopher Reeve – Superman


You may be thinking “that’s all well and good,  mujer, but how do I just ignore that little voice?” Well, try:

  • Taking quick and decisive action so you get past asking permission and doubt.
  • Learning how to decipher what’s emotion, fear talking, and what your intuition is saying. Intuition is what keeps us safe and leads us down a path to fulfillment.
  • Making sure you keep focus on the heart of the matter, what you want, and why.

In doing all these things, you’ll get out of your head and away from the fear that is stopping you. There comes a time when you just have to do it to see if you’ll succeed.

When I moved to L.A., it happened so fast it felt like blinked and I was in a new city. I never allowed negative thoughts to overwhelm me with doubt. I focused on the importance of the move and how it would be better for both me and my daughter .

I knew that if I listened to my doubts, even for a second, I would have never moved. The sprint approach kept me focused.

Run A Marathon

For those marathon women who need to take their time with their decision, I offer the step-by-step model. Both the sprint and marathon model require action, but you decide the pace. Although my move to L.A. was quick and decisive, it started with a marathon. I never told myself or others I was going to move. I simply started looking at apartment rentals in the area, then I started researching schools for my daughter.  All I wanted to do was get a vibe on how it felt to even think about such a big move. All of that turned into making a few trips to L.A. to see where, if I did move, I would possibly live.

But just like with any race, a marathon can quickly turn into a sprint at some point. That time is usually when you know you’re getting close to the finishing line, aka decision time. You either sprint to finish or you’ll psyche yourself, get burnt out, and won’t finish what you started.

It’s Called Accountability, Mami

You ARE a super mujer (cue Alicia Keys!) but even superwomen and boss ladies like yourself need a team, a.k.a a network that keeps you accountable.

In the process of looking for apartments, I started networking in L.A too. Meeting people out here and telling them my plans to move, even when I wasn’t sure I’d move. Numbers started to get exchanged, invites to future networks were emailed to me, and somehow those women started turning into my accountability team.

You may not need a coach, business consultant, or trainer just yet, but you still needs those folks that keep you accountable. Those that will ask how things are going and ask the tough question when you’re not getting started. So, time to start telling those you trust about your plans.

Run 2014 Like A Boss

The hardest thing to do at this point is remain “realistic.”

Building a business takes time. Losing weight and being healthier takes time—even years. Adjusting yourself to that idea is a challenge, but one you must face in order to push forward when it gets tough.

Accomplishing your goal is never the end, but only the beginning. Just like when you launched your biz, you knew that this was just the starting line!

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