Jul 31, 2015


Road to Accepted: A Latina’s Tumultuous Road to Her Dream College

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The New Latina Voices section captures the life journey, stories and opinions of Latina women of all ages.  It offers the opportunity for real conversation about issues and experiences that really matter to Latina women.  Today’s story is by Roxana Ontiveros, a young woman determined to gain admissions to her dream college.


Rejection remains a sour note in everyone’s lives whether it be from a love interest, prospective employer, or one’s dream college.

I have had my fair share of rejections but the one that has left its ugly mark is the rejection from my dream college.  It was with enthusiasm that I spoke about attending a women’s college, far away from Los Angeles, and far away from the heel of patriarchy.

At the turn of my senior year in high school I was notified of the rejection. I remember crying in my mother’s arms and swearing off the idea of attending college, it was the single most devastating event for a young Latina who aspired to be much more than what society expected of her, more than what she expected from herself.  This marked a major turning point in my life as I began to see the world in a different light and learned to expect the worst.  My optimism and idealist attitude was transformed into one of cynicism and pessimism.  This has marked the way in which I would approach my new endeavor.


After the hoopla of college acceptance and some rejections for many seniors I decided to attend a community college in hopes of transferring, in a year, to my dream college.  Since my ideal college was not a public university I would not have to complete two years at a community college in order to transfer.  Knowing the obstacles of many community college students such as tuition, difficulty of obtaining classes, and transferring in a reasonable amount of time, I planned early and enrolled in two community colleges for Summer 2011.

I decided to attend community college in the summer because I believed it would help me obtain an earlier registration date for Fall 2011. I enrolled in two community colleges because core classes were so difficult to obtain and I did not want to take longer than a year in completing 30 units. I took the placement tests and submitted the required paperwork and before I knew it I was college student before I had graduated from high school.  My last week in high school was complimented by my first week of summer session at community college 1.  A week later I began the summer session at community college 2 and soon became one step closer to achieving an outstanding gpa that was required if I wanted to posses an acceptance letter.

The Vision

The start of the tumultuous road to my dream college has been both terrifying and exciting. I have cried, I have yelled, and I have picked myself up despite not believing I had the strength in me to continue.  This is the beginning however, of a journey that will eventually place me in the front steps of my dream college, Wellesley College.

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Roxana Ontiveros

Roxana Ontiveros

Roxana Ontiveros lives in Los Angeles, California and is the oldest of four. She is currently attending two community colleges in hopes of attending Wellesley College. She hopes that her studies and successes will encourage all Latinas to obtain a degree from an institution of higher education.

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  1. WELLESLEY MUST ACCEPT YOU!! <3, a Wellesley student who wants you as her Wellesley sister!

  2. WELLESLEY MUST ACCEPT YOU! <3, a Wellesley student who wants you as her Wellesley sister!

  3. Roxanna,
    I admire your drive and persistence and wish you the best of luck. Wellesley would be all the better for having you.

    Warm Regards,
    Kelly, Wellesley, Class of 2000

  4. All the best of wishes to you! Hope to see you around campus. (:

  5. I know that you want to go to Wellesley, but you may also want to explore Mount Holyoke College. We are just as great as they are.
    May God continue to grant you perseverance to reach your goals. Never give up, even when you feel that you can not do it anymore. God is in control. keep working hard!

  6. Keep trying! Perseverance and the drive to go after what you want are key characteristics of a Wellesley Woman.

    Good Luck!

    Wellesley ‘11

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