Aug 02, 2015


Empowering Advice From Latina Presidents, CEOs and Entrepreneurs

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Alright Mr. Presidents, you’ve all had your day. Now it’s time for us to pay tribute to the many Latina presidents, CEOs and entrepreneurs that we’ve had the the great privilege of shining our spotlight on over the years.

Here are a few words of wisdom from 10 trailblazing mujeres representing Latinas in business, in media and in our community as a whole.

Marjoriet Matute, Founder of Devin & Tristan Give Back

Start small with something that you are passionate about. If you have a soft spot for animals, get involved in your local shelter. See what the demand is and create opportunities for people to help. Post flyers on local businesses and ask for small donations. People want to help! Also, volunteer with larger organizations to learn more about the topic. See how they are helping and how you can personally contribute. Most importantly, tell people what your goal is. I cannot stress how many people are willing to help you achieve your goal. Giving back is an act of kindness that is a part of our society, once you take the lead they will follow.

Jacky Diaz, Blogger and Founder of Amigapreneur

One of the best quotes I’ve read and that always resonated with me is: “Prepare, but don’t prepare so long you miss the opportunity.” That goes for aspiring and established mujeres alike. Before you launch a business you prepare and prepare, and continue to prepare, but there comes a point you just have to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT, like Nike.

Caroline Alvo, Founder of Gambita

I try to live by two mantras everyday: “be remarkable” and “never settle.” Whether you’re just starting your career, in between jobs, or well-established, I think these four words can be applied to almost any situation and serve as a great way to keep you accountable, i.e. – “Is the work I’m doing right now really my best? Or am I just settling because it’s the easy way out?” Easier said than done, but it’s important to remember.

Rosie Molinary, Founder of Circle de Luz

Release yourself from any standards that aren’t of your own imagining and that keep you from being your best—and anything that keeps you from thinking positively about yourself and behaving respectfully towards yourself falls in that category. I want us to take the time and make the effort to get to know ourselves and then to move forward from an authentic place.

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, Founder of Gracefully Global, LLC

The advice is this: be angry about the portrayal of Latinas in the media. Vow to change it. Understand “they” won’t come looking for stories to shatter their stereotype. WE will write these stories to document our accomplishments. WE must present and promote them so that our entrepreneurial spirit will finally be seen and appreciated by the masses.

Vanessa Cabezas, President and Founder of Majestic Relations

Always continue to learn. Try not to take yourself too seriously when you are at the top. Also, inspire others when you can. You can change someone’s life with inspiring words. Many people have changed mine and we need more of that to go around.

Alicia Freile, Founder of Tango Media

Do what YOU want to do, not what others tell you to do or what people expect of you, but what you truly want. Follow your instincts. Be independent. Be brave, but know that it is alright to acknowledge it when you are facing a challenge that is terrifying. And finally, a well-known saying that continues to ring true for me: “Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life!”

Monica Blanco, Founder of Colour Couture

My advice to Latinas is: Always stay true to yourself. Find your passion and run with it. Never let anything or anyone stop you from following your dreams!

Natalie Boden, Founder of Boden PR

Plan. Plan. Plan. Set an objective. It could be a big dream, but go ahead, write it down. You’ll get there quicker if you do. Be organized and strict with your finances. Be organized and strict with your deadlines. Listen to your gut. It is ALWAYS right. Listen to your gut. It is ALWAYS right. (Felt a need to repeat that one.)

BONUS: Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile

My message to women is: Women, we can do it. We are capable of doing almost anything, but we must learn we cannot do it all at once, we need to prioritize.

Having more women in company boards, in senior management, supervisory positions and workers in the formal sector is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. It’s good for the bottom line.

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Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha Love Ramirez

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