Aug 03, 2015


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  • Career: Information, tips, inspiration and resources for the career-bound, mid-career, and those experiencing (or entertaining) career transition.
  • Business & Entrepeneurship: Want to set up shop?  Have a few great business ideas, but not sure which direction to go?  Don’t know where to find resources, help and support?  Want to leave your work cubicle and start something on your own?  We’ll be addressing all these points.  We’ll even hook you up with free teleclasses!
  • Blogging: Tips, ideas and resources for being a successful Latina blogger!  We’ll also profile successful blogueras, so you can get inspired and learn from the best!
  • Inspiration: Need a dose of inspiration?  Feel stuck, paralyzed?  We’ll be featuring videos and post of inspirational stories of successful Latinas.
  • Productivity: Let’s face it, dreams and goals are nothing without good time-management, concrete goals, and efficiency.  We share how to optimize your busy life, keep focused and still have time for hanging out with las amigas.
  • Creativity and the Arts: If you’re the creative type, you’ll love the spotlight on the creative work of Latinas.  Enjoy photo galleries, poetry and performing arts video clips.  You will also find tips and ideas on creativity and creative pursuits.
  • Personal Tips and Consejitos: On love, dating, marriage, beauty, having fun and living your best Latina life!
  • Resources & Opportunities: Job alerts; Educational and career opportunities; Links


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