Jul 30, 2015


National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network To Launch October 18, 2012

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National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network, HMHP

The Get-Right! Organization, Inc. (Get-Right!) and NEW LATINA are honored to announce their joint partnership in
the establishment and launch of the National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network.

Xiomara A. Sosa, Get-Right! Founder, President and CEO along with Angélica Pérez-Litwin, Publisher of NEW
LATINA and Huffington Post Contributor, have formed a partnership to create and launch the National Hispanic
Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network (HMHP). An arm of Get-Right!, HMHP will establish a viable network
advocating for Hispanic mental health needs that are culturally appropriate.

HMHP’s mission is to promote education, awareness and advocacy for the mental health services needs of U.S.
Hispanic communities.

HMHP’s vision is to create a well-established, organized, active, and strongly connected community of Hispanic
mental health professionals by improving culturally relevant communication and advocacy for the mental health
needs of the Hispanic community.


This partnership will help shine light on issues affecting the Hispanic community from a cultural perspective via an article series about issues affecting their mental health needs. HMHP will also share resources, conduct
interviews with mental health professionals and organizations, and will assemble and disseminate critical legislative, government and mental health initiatives.

In 2013, HMHP will create Legislative Days with representatives to advocate for mental health needs of the Hispanic communities and Town Hall meetings with community stakeholders, including mental health professionals, to educate and raise awareness about culturally appropriate services needs of the Hispanic community.

“I am proud and excited to partner with Angelica and NEW LATINA on this special project for Hispanic mental health professionals. There is such disparity within the mental health community in its resources and delivery of services to the Hispanic population. Culturally competent advocacy is one avenue that we will utilize to bridge that gap. Angelica and I share the same vision in educating our communities about mental health issues and combating the negative stigma associated with it through education. This campaign seeks to do both with our collective knowledge, skills and passion. Together, we will reach, organize and unify our community and encourage them to get the mental health services they need.” Xiomara A. Sosa, HMHP Executive Creator & Co-Partner, Get-Right! Founder.

“The HMHP is a timely and important initiative for Hispanic individuals and their families across this country. By
leveraging digital media and social network platforms, HMHP will amplify its reach and impact. We are excited to
serve as the media partner for HMHP and will look forward to spreading the word on the real mental health issues
that affect our Hispanic communities.” Angelica Perez, HMHP Media Co-Partner, Publisher of NEW LATINA,
Huffington Post Contributor.

Note: You do not need to be Hispanic or a mental health professional to participate, join, or support this campaign. Everyone who supports HMHP’s vision is welcome.

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Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha is the Managing Editor at NEW LATINA, and a social commentary and pop-culture writer/blogger from New York City. She studied Sociology and Women's Studies at Bowdoin College, where she developed a strong interest women's issues and community advocacy. Tanisha has written for the Bowdoin Orient and has interned at BUST Magazine and Jezebel.com.

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  1. Alicia Criado says:

    Hi, I’m very interested in joining the National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network (HMHP). Can you please provide more information about how to join HMHP?

  2. This is such encouraging news to know that Latin’s
    Can be introduced to new and innovative ways of dealing
    With the many issues we face as Latino’s.

  3. This is very inspiring and intereting to me! Please provide more information :) I’ve been in the mental health profession for nearly 10 years now, and this sounds like a great way to inform our communities.

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