Aug 04, 2015


My Powerful Workout Strategy and How I made it Happen

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This post is from Judith, my co-blogger here at New Latina.  Today, she tells us how she incorporates exercise into her hectic life.  Take some notes — she has some great tips on bargains, making exercise fun, and getting yourself in shape!

Sometimes working out is so difficult to do…we don’t have time, we don’t have the money for a gym membership, we don’t want to go through the physical effort, and sometimes, we just don’t want to ruin the wonderful blowout we did on our hair the night before!

But I believe that working out is like food, sleep and meditation/prayer; it just needs to be incorporated into our lives in order for us to have the best life ever…And life is too short to not be getting the most out of it.

First, some background as to why exercise is so important to me. I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old and living in the Dominican Republic. When I moved to the U.S., I played 4 hours a day, 6 days a week for the first couple of years. I then left the sport, and though I was number one singles in high school, I never played with the same intensity. Nonetheless, the importance of working out has remained in my heart.

A Monday through Friday Exercise Tour

Post my move back to the west coast, I have not re-joined a gym as my husband and I are sharing a car and it would just get too complicated ☺ I do want to share with all of you my workout strategy and how I make it happen… I’ll use this week as an example:


I wake up at 5:45 a.m. so I can make the most out of my morning. I LOVE waking up when it’s still a bit dark or as the sun is just breaking through the sky…It feels so empowering and I feel so alive, appreciative of having one more day in front of me to discover and learn something new. I usually workout for an hour, and after a very quick shower, I make myself some whole wheat toast with a bit of cream cheese (Yum!), get together a banana, and a glass of orange juice, and take it all to a quite area in my apartment to pray and meditate for 25-30 minutes. But back to working out, I can go into this part of my routine another day ☺

On Monday I did Tracy Anderson’s “Mat Workout”. I really love Tracy Anderson’s workouts and have seen a visible change in my body. She trains Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, among many other celebrities. This DVD is about 55 minutes I believe (don’t quote me) and it’s wonderful… The fact that you have a wonderful workout tool for just $30, and that you can pop into your DVD and save time traveling to and from a gym, is magic.


Took the car to go to a Pilates Reformer class. The wonderful thing about these 6am/6:30am classes is that you are back home before you know it!

Loved my Pilates Reformer class. I found a great deal on I really think one can live off that site – for those that are not on it yet, get a free account ASAP. You get great deals (coupons) emailed to you of businesses in your neighborhood…restaurants, hair salons, you name it.

The reformer class breaks up my workout week wonderfully, and it challenges my body in a different way. It’s hard, and the machine looks like a torture device, but the results are excellent. These classes are expensive (sometimes $25-30 a class!!) but there are ways to give it a fair chance. Many studios have “new to the studio” offers, with classes for $10 each.

My Groupon gave me 6 classes for $45…so $7.50 a class. With the two studio intro classes and because I only go once a week, I have 2 months of pilates lined up for a lot less than the standard prices…and I’m keeping my eyes open on my Groupon emails – there have already been offers from two nearby yoga studios. By the way, Livingsocialis another great site I subscribe to and get great deals from.


All over Tracy Anderson’s Perfect Design Series, Sequence II. It was a hectic day, and I love the fact that this is a 40-44 minute workout…it’s intense and tough, but you’re in and you’re out and you can go on with your day.


So I was going to do Tracy Anderson’s Perfect Design Series, Sequence III, which is slight longer (about 5-10 minutes), but bright and early I decided it would be awesome to do my weekly run outside. I don’t have the best knees, so I can only “treat” myself to this once a week. The minute I stepped outside, I was like “wholly molly it’s cold”. Though I wanted to turn around and stay in the warmth of my little home, there is nothing like sheer cold wind coming through every single whole of your clothing and hitting your skin to get you moving. 7 minutes later, I no longer felt cold…25 minutes later, I was debating taking a layer of clothing off ☺ If you can’t run outside, this is a great opportunity to get on the elliptical machine or to do a cardio workout in your living room. There are tons of DVD’s out there for this; I just haven’t looked into it.


All over Core Secret’s Full Body Challenge Video. In the spring of 2008 I purchased all of their offerings for $80, and with that being 3 years from now, if you do the math it’s a pretty inexpensive option. I actually just checked online, and for the same price, he has several more videos he is offering! Core Secret uses one of those big exercise balls, so quite fun. They also have short 22 minute workouts for your abs or buns, so really, no excuses to at least get something in for the day.

I also do the Physique 57 Classic 57 Minute workout (Sarah Jessica Parker used to workout at this studio during Sex and the City). I have to be honest that I do not like it as much as the above DVD’s, but it’s a great way to mix it up and challenge my body in a different way. They have released more DVD’s that I will probably look into later on.

So this is how I workout. Since I am back in California I am going to look into tennis again, probably do it once a week in the early a.m. if I can find either an inexpensive instructor, or a fun group class.

I would LOVE to hear about how you all incorporate exercise in your life – I am always looking to learn something new. Specifically, if you use DVD’s please let me know which ones these are!! I like having options so I can mix it up and never get bored.

Talk soon!


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Angélica Pérez-Litwin

Angélica Pérez-Litwin

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  1. Love to hear about your routine. I love Jillian Michaels videos. I am a trainer and I often go to do her videos for some fresh plyometric ideas (which can also be modified) I teach ZUmba and have two dogs so I am a cardio junkie. I make sure to add resistance training 3 0 4x a wk and am in love with building lean muscle. I notice though that with videos I do not push as hard as if I were in a class or gym.

    salud to fitness, kickin’ butt, and early mornings!

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