Jul 31, 2015


Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money

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Editors’s note:  To celebrate New Latina’s first birthday we teamed up this week with a special guest contributor, Meadow Devor, financial expert and master money coach! This entire week, Meadow shared a new article focusing on money and our relationship with money. Today, we’re giving away Meadow’s Money Love Guide ($9.99 value)!  Get Yours!




Our relationship with money is not a frivolous money thing.  Money is a force in our life, whether we like it or not. It’s nearly impossible to live a life without money interfering or assisting in some way or another.

Your relationship with money isn’t determined by luck or by chance. It’s determined by you. By what you believe. Money can be your friend or your enemy. It’s up to you to decide to do the work required to strengthen your relationship to your money and to yourself. To repair any damage. To open your eyes to who you really are.

You might think you can run from yourself. Or that you can put this work off. Or that you can do this work later. And you’re right, you can run for a while. You can hide, pretend, cover your eyes. But, doing this will only postpone the inevitable.

To repair your relationship with money means to repair your relationship with yourself. And that can be daunting. Especially if you don’t know who you are. Or what you want. Or what brings you joy. Especially if you’ve long silenced that inner voice who asks, “Please?”

But you are worth this work.

You are worth knowing.

You are worth Money Love.

Money Love means knowing yourself inside and out. It means understanding why you do what you do. It means knowing that your thoughts lead to your results. It means deliberately choosing beliefs that support the results you want to attain.

Money Love means telling yourself the truth. About everything. Even the yucky stuff. It means being willing to risk being yourself. And showing up.

Money Love means being at peace with money. Being proud of your money. Having integrity with your money.

Money Love also means being at peace with what you owe. Being willing to forgive yourself. Being willing to keep your promises. It means being at peace with what you’ve done with your money in the past. And having compassion for the current state of your relationship.

Money Love understands the strength of the big picture and the power of the small transaction. It understands that even one dollar has the potential to create abundance or scarcity in your life if you let it. It understands that each transaction affects not only your financial net worth but your emotional net worth as well.

Money Love means deliberately finding an abundant perspective on anything that you choose to give your money to. It means doing the thought work required when you feel scarce, or scared, or worried and choosing instead to feel grateful, generous, or empowered.

Money Love means taking a good long look at the work you do in this life. It means not tolerating negative thinking about the way you earn your money. It means telling a better story about the way your money comes into your hands. It means loving your work, and loving to get paid.

Money Love means loyalty to your money. It means that you only spend money that you actually have. It believes in cash and understands what a dollar stands for.  It means spending money only on things that you really want. It means that you no longer spend for spending’s sake.

Money Love means going into Target, Costco, the grocery store, or Nordstrom and staying present and conscious. It means walking through any store without the shame of a junkie. Without feeling deprived. Without feeling naughty or untrustworthy. It means walking into any store and knowing what you really want. And knowing that spending money, especially money that you do not have, can never create what you’re really wanting. It means knowing that your mind, alone, has that power.

Money Love knows that the worst thing that can happen is an uncomfortable emotion.

Money Love means that you will make mistakes. Even big ones. It means allowing yourself to make these mistakes, eyes wide open. To watch yourself doing the very thing you wish you weren’t and to stay connected to the present moment. To stay there with yourself and with your money. And to observe with the curiosity of a bright-eyed student.

Money Love knows the journey ahead of you can be hard. That it might strip you naked. Exposing who you are to life itself. It knows that healthy relationships take work and that this work is worth doing.

Money Love doesn’t give up. It doesn’t quit, even though it sometimes wants to.  It doesn’t expect the road to be easy. It appreciates the journey and doesn’t believe in the myth of a destination.

Money Love knows that relationships thrive on trust, communication and love. It expects that there will be times where faith and trust have been lost. It also knows the solid foundation that is built from allowing this bond to be broken and mended. And then mended again.

Money Love is found at the unshakable center of your life. It’s found at the core of who you are. It is found in the place where you drop all pretenses and look at yourself.

And like what you see.

And smile.

I want this for you. I want you to know the freedom on the other side of worry. I want you to know how it good it feels to drop the dysfunction and to start to love again. I want you to know that money isn’t your enemy. It isn’t against you. It hasn’t forsaken you. No matter what you’ve done or believed in the past, this relationship, between money and you, can be better. Stronger.

It might take some time. It may take quite a bit of effort. It will probably take a helluva lot of practice and some pretty radical self-awareness.

But, do this work.

Money Love is worth more than any price you pay to find it.

And so are you.

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Meadow Devor

Meadow Devor

Meadow DeVor is a Master Certified Money Coach who has devoted her practice to helping her clients create a healthy relationship with money. She believes that everyone has the power to transform their lives, find their own financial freedom and create a better relationship with money by changing the way we think. She has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and her articles have been featured in Women's Day Magazine. She is known for her 'take-no-prisoners' approach to coaching, her radical authenticity, and most of all... for her giggle. She is committed to doing serious work while making it as fun as possible. She writes a popular blog about money. You can read more of her work at http://www.MeadowDeVor.com.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I struggle with financial issues with my partner even when we have more than enough. I was always insecure about money because i grew up poor. I hope this helps me feel more confident about this issue. thanks again!

  2. I’m loving Money Love, going through it right now…thanks for sharing!

  3. One the best e books i ve read right next to the great the legendary ‘Ask and it’s Given’ . Inspiring, very down to earth kind a stuff, very real.

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