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Homeschooling Your Kids Bilingual!

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What do you do when the schools in your community fail to meet your academic expectations?  Well, there’s private schools, of course, although they’re costly and vary in their academic rigor.  You can move to a “better” school district and pray that the schools are, indeed, better.  Some parents go as far as borrowing addresses in communities with reputable public schools — not legal, but it happens.

For Monica, a mother of two, the answer was simple:  Homeschooling. So she did her homework on homeschooling, reviewed some curriculums and homeschooling approaches, and set up an area at home to teach her own kids.  A bold move for sure.  Homeschooling is serious business, and it takes time, dedication and smarts.

But homeschooling alone was not enough for Monica or her family.  Raising bilingual children fluent in both Spanish and English was equally important.  So she went a step further and made the decision to homeschool her children in two languages.  The biggest challenge?  Finding a bilingual homeschooling curriculum.

In 2007, the National Household Education Surveys Program (NHES) estimated that 1.5 million students in the U.S. are homeschooled.  This represents an increase from the estimated 1.1 million students who were homeschooled in 2003.

Reasons for the significant increase in homeschooling numbers?

  • A desire to provide religious or moral instruction
  • A dissatisfaction with academic instruction
  • Nontraditional educational approaches in public schools
  • Child has special needs or physical/mental health problems

Latinos and Homeschooling

Although the number of Latino homeschooling families is increasing, it still remains significantly low, compared to other ethnic/racial groups.  But those who are homeschooling have other, important reasons for implementing homeschooling, including:

  • Lack of resources in their community
  • A desire to raise their children bilingually
  • To pass on their cultural heritage
  • To have an active role in the academic lives of their children

Bilingual Homeschooling

The lack of resources for Latino families interested in bilingual homeschooling sparked Monica’s idea to create an online platform on bilingual homeschooling.  Mommy Maestra was created to share resources, ideas and projects relevant to Latino homeschooling families.

Mommy Maestra

Today, Mommy Maestra is the “go to” place for families interested in exploring homeschooling and learning about the process.  The site is packed with excellent resources, creative curriculum projects, hand-picked book recommendations, and a passion for bilingual homeschooling that is unparalleled.  You’ll find information on:

  • What is bilingual home schooling
  • Is homeschooling the right choice for your family?
  • Descriptions of homeschooling approaches
  • Dealing with the emotional decisions to homeschool
  • Incorporating cultural holidays into your homeschooling curriculum
  • Lesson plans, crafts, activities & events
  • Book recommendations and more

Mommy Maestra is further distinguished by the personal writing style, in the format of a journal or blog.  As you read the site’s entries and photographs, you might feel like you’re sitting right there next to Monica, drinking a cup of coffee.  It is this combination of Monica’s talent and passion for bilingual homeschooling, resource sharing, and a personable user experience that makes Mommy Maestra an excellent bilingual homeschooling site.

If you’re considering bilingual homeschooling, or want to incorporate a bilingual curriculum to your current homeschooling experience, Mommy Maestra is for sure the place to visit!  You should also check out Latin Baby Book Club, a sister site of Mommy Maestra.


1.5 Million Students Homeschooled Students in the US in 2007

Cross-Cultural Educational Fallbacks: A Study of Homeschooling in the Hispanic Community and the Reasons for Its Utilization



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Angélica Pérez-Litwin

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  1. Thank you, Angelica! A lovely article. I want to just clarify that I don’t yet classify us a fully bilingual homeschool, but we are working hard on it!! We treat Spanish as a complete subject and I pull from a lot of resources. And I find many that are too advanced for us, but I share them in case there are others who would benefit.

    MommyMaestra has lots of resources in English and Spanish for parents who want to get more involved in their kids education, regardless of whether or not they are homeschooling. Stop by and visit!

    Un abrazo fuerte…

  2. I admire your work Monica! Plus I love that you share it in your blog because even if we don’t homeschool, the resources are excellent to help me with my kids in the future!!

  3. It’s great that families have the opportunity to teach their kids Spanish with this method!

    Congratulations to Monica and Thanks Angelica for sharing this information.

    Saludos :) Mi Maseca USA

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