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Military Husbands – Here’s How You Can Help Your Wives With Career Options

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Career Options Military Wives

By: Frida Cooper 

Being a part of the armed forces is a non-stop adventure, replete with challenges of its own. You get to visit new places as an active serviceman and travel extensively. But for your spouse, this may not be fun, always. She doesn’t have the job security you do because of frequent relocations. The unpredictability of life is often stressful, not just for military personnel, but their families as well.

And this very uncertainty puts a damper on the career aspirations of many a military wife, who simply can’t hold down a regular job because they’re always on the move, following their husbands wherever they go. But technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and plenty of career options have been thrown up which can be pursued from home, no matter where you live. So all you guys out there, if your wives have sacrificed their careers and jobs just for you, do take a moment to read through and help your wife choose a career that is best suited for her, and support her in her choice!

Ideal Career Options for Military Spouses

Be a Freelancer

Turn your talents and hobbies into money by freelancing, a concept that’s as flexible as it is profitable! Below are just a few options…


If your wife possesses a penchant for words, she could be a writer – writing and managing her own blogs and chronicling life’s experiences can make for an inspiring read!

Medical Transcription

A career famous for its telecommuting option! Transcribing doctor’s notes which are in an audio format into medical records is basically what it’s all about. Plenty of institutes offer courses in medical transcription which can be pursued online, so she gets to study no matter where you’re positioned, and then freelance as a medical transcriptionist for hospitals and doctor’s offices without having to visit an office. It makes for a viable career option for military spouses who don’t ever have to quit their job in case of relocation.

Virtual Assistant

Sounds fancy, but it’s just another name for office administration done remotely! Your spouse will be handling emails, answering correspondence, making travel arrangements, inventory control, and a host of other stuff, but from within home!

Available Resources

There are a number of resources available for military spouses who wish to begin a new career. Exploit them!

  • The military has its very own job portal at Military Spouse Career Center.
  • And then there’s no dearth of useful tidbits of information on Career Advancement for military spouses.
  • The National Military Spouse Network is an organization intended to provide professional guidance for military spouses and help them carve their own career path.
  • Consider furthering your education and brush up on your skills to strengthen your chances of landing a good job. The MyCAA program is developed specially to assist military spouses by providing them financial aid to enroll in a training program. You’ll find an infographic on the CareerStep website which clearly explains how a military spouse can avail of this opportunity to further her education.
  • Websites like FlexJobs, Elance, and Odesk offer a plethora of opportunities for a variety of positions – and will prove worthwhile if a portable career is what your spouse is looking for.

Starting your Own Business

If your spouse doesn’t enjoy the monotony of a 9-5 job, suggest this option. She can exploit her talents to the hilt and turn it into a money-spinning business. Her culinary skills can be converted into a home-baked goods or a catering business. Or her gift for paper crafts can be transformed into an arts and crafts business. What is her special or unique talent? Come on, stir the entrepreneur in her!


Volunteering may not have financial gains, but it can keep your wife fruitfully occupied and develop her skills and assist in building a strong social network which can be an important resource when she does look for work. She can work for the community – volunteer at the local hospital, school, or pharmacy and earn valuable skills and experience which can ultimately boost her resume when she embarks on a career. Here’s a wonderful insight on Military.com on why military spouses should volunteer, by Tara Crooks.

Just like your wife supports you in all your career moves, it’s time you support her by helping her find and develop the career of her choice. Let her know that no matter where you’re stationed, she can still have a job and keep herself constructively occupied. It can be, rather is, tougher than civilian life, but with your support, a dash of creativity, and generous amount of research, it can be done! Good luck!

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