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Mentoring Hermanas

Mentoring Hermanas:  Ask a Professional

Mentoring Hermanas was created to help Latina women connect with other professional Latinas and receive advice via an anonymous Question & Answer format on Facebook.  To submit a question, click HERE. Or, you can email your question to:

Eight Latina Professionals Volunteering as Mentors

Mentoring Hermanas is currently supported by eight Latina professionals who have volunteered with expertise in a range of professional and personal life areas:

  • Money & Personal Finances
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Romance & Relationship
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Work, Career & Corporate World
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal & Family Wellbeing

This group of women symbolizes the tremendous talent of Latina women, and their commitment to support other Latina women.

Participating members of Mentoring Hermanas:

Michele Ruiz: Michele Ruiz is an entrepreneur whose passions are empowerment, technology, Hispanics and entrepreneurship.  Previously, Michele Ruiz enjoyed a long career as an award winning broadcast journalist.  In 2006, Michele decided to become an entrepreneur and founded, a bilingual expert based “how-to” educational broadband site for US Hispanics online.  Michele is now the founder of two additional companies. Her own branded company “Michele Ruiz, My Life as a Latina Entrepreneur” focused on educating, inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs, and the third to be launched in the near future. To learn more about Michel, visit: Michele Ruiz

Yesenia (Yesi) Morillo-Gual, M.B.A. Yesi has a Senior Vice President position at one of the largest financial services firms in the world and by the end of this year she will have earned a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership.  She is also the founder and president of “Proud to be Latina,” a support group that encourage Latinas to rise to their full potential through programs, networking and empowerment conferences. The first conference, Breaking Cycles & Ceilings Empowerment Conference is scheduled for November 7th, 2011, in New York City!  To learn more about Yesi, visit her Proud to be Latina.

Carmen Ordoñez: Carmen is the creator of Viva Fashion Blog, a guide to fashion on a budget, where she shares some of her latest fashion finds (on a budget), the celebrity look for less, celeb interviews, personal style and the latest trends.  Before her blog, she worked as a reporter covering topics such as fashion and entertainment. You can also find her at Plum TV, where she shares her latest fashion tips or on Vista Magazine, where she’s a fashion contributor. To learn more about Carmen and her fashion blog, visit: Viva Fashion Blog.

Lisa Velázquez, M.A.: Lisa offers straight, practical advice with compassion like a trusted friend over lattes and mimosas. Lisa is passionate about empowering women through personal development in order to guide them from heartbreak to self-love.  She is the resident expert for the Your Intimate Q & A advice column for and the Founding Editor of The Wonder Womyn Guide.  Lisa currently provides coaching and education via telephone consultations, workshops and her advice columns.  Lisa holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and is a Certified Sex Therapist, Sexuality Educator and Facilitator for preventing adolescent pregnancy.  To learn more about Lisa, visit: Wonder Womyn.

Angélica Pérez-Litwin, PhD. Angélica is the founder and CEO of, a personal growth and lifestyle online magazine for today’s ambitious Latina.  New Latina was created to provide a unique platform with relevant and smart content for the modern Latina woman who wants more out of life. From personal growth, work and career, to home life, beauty and fashion, New Latina offers content that matters and inspires the driven, bicultural Latina. Angélica is an accomplished Clinical Psychologist, with over 18 years of professional experience as a practicing psychologist, researcher and consultant. She received her B.A. from Columbia University and Ph.D. from Fordham University.  To learn more about Angélica, visit: New Latina.

Anna Elizabeth Reynoso: Anna is currently the HomeOwnership Center Program Manager with a non-profit HUD approved counseling agency that provides education and counseling in the areas of financial literacy, home ownership and foreclosure intervention.  She also mentors students who are transitioning from a community college to a four year university by providing guidance and experience. She can be reached via facebook

Melissa Martinez-Machado: Melissa is the founder of, a website dedicated to re-introducing holistic health to Latinos by providing cutting-edge holistic health articles, educational events, and access to a directory of holistic health professionals who share her passion for helping the Latino community. In addition to helping Latinos reach vibrant health, Melissa also offers one-on-one health coaching to collegiates and young-adult women who want to overcome the health challenges that come with college life and new motherhood–two highly stressful life experiences that can have serious long-term health consequences. Visit to learn more about how Melissa can get you through this time by beginning a personalized program of “extreme self-care.”

Marisol Godinez-Brainin: Marisol is a Food Coach, Personal Trainer, and Chef.  She’s the Founder and CEO of Diosa Fitness. Marisol’s expertise creates awareness through Healthy Eating, Cooking and Exercise — “Transforming Lives, Rebuilding New Bodies.” Marisol was Born and Raised in the City of Angels, via Guatemalan parents. She resides in Los Angeles with Puerto Rican, Jewish husband and Celebrity Trainer David Brainin and their two daughters Xela and Ixchel. Marisol holds a Degree in Culinary Arts  from the California Culinary Academy , Certified in Baking and Pastry from the Culinary Institute of America, and is also a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is a member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association and is an Advocate for Alternative Birthing.  To learn more about Marisol, visit: DiosaFitness.

To submit a question, click HERE.

To find out more about Mentoring Hermanas, email your inquiries to:

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