Aug 04, 2015


Marie Forleo: A Valuable Resource for the Entrepreneurial Latina

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marie forleoAre you a driven Latina with an entrepreneur spirit thinking of starting an online business? You are not alone.

In today’s economy, an increasing number of women are thinking outside the box and considering alternative work options, including creating their own business.  In fact, in 2007, 29% percent of all businesses in this country were owned by women, according to the U.S. Census.

But for many women, including Latinas, the road to entrepreneurship is often a bumpy one due to lack of resources, education and guidance on how to set up shop and grow a business successfully.

Meet Marie Forleo

If you haven’t heard about Marie Forleo, you’re on for a great treat!  She’s smart, funny, successful, driven and passionate about helping you set a successful online business (she’s also a great dancer and wears some cool fashion!).

Marie is best known for her Rich Happy and Hot B-School, her vehicle to help women rise and take control of their success. Realizing the lack of resources that exist for women, Marie founded the Rich Happy and Hot B-School to serve as a unique place where women can go to become educated on how to run an online business.  She draws from her many experiences, and provides tips and guidance to help women establish effective online business practices.

Members of the RHHB-School subscribe to intense online video training program, which covers all aspects of online business from marketing to finances. In addition, Marie shoots weekly videos for her members, conducts conferences and speaks to entrepreneur women around the world.  Marie has spoken at the Branson Institute for Entrepreneurship founded by Richard Branson, and has caught the attention of  Tony Robbins and Oprah Radio — she’s been interviewed by both.

So how can Marie Forleo help you build your online business today?

Aside from conducting her online business school, Marie is now offering a free online training session which you can find here. This free online seminar is a must see for any Latina looking to make it in the world of online business. The free training videos introduce you to the “6 Pillar Map” of a successful online business and teach you the “13 Keys to Killing It Online.”  Marie provides insight into how she built her online empire by revealing her “Dirty Little Secret”.  We love Marie because she delivers all this valuable and useful information in a way that is clear, concise and full of charm.

We also like Marie because, despite her success, she remains true to her roots. Similarly to many Latinas, Marie comes from a modest home and upbringing in New Jersey.  She has traveled many roads to find her niche and has worked tirelessly to achieve success. Marie Forleo is a valuable online business resource for those who have a business idea and the passion to work hard, but need the step-by-step guidance to get there.

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Marlyn Nunez

Marlyn Nuñez is a graduate of New York University, earning a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies. She also received a Masters Degree in Education from CUNY's City College.

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