Aug 01, 2015


Why Do YOU Wear Makeup?

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Contributing Author:  Lisa Renata


ot long ago, a few friends and I were enjoying a nice brunch and conversation when the topic of makeup came up.  Two of us wore makeup just about all the time and the other two didn’t.  We talked about the reasons why we chose to wear makeup or not.  The two that didn’t wear makeup (or rarely did) mentioned how, after becoming moms, it just got harder to keep up. Understandable.  The two that did wear makeup mentioned how no matter what, wearing make up was a must before leaving the house.

Then I realized something.  The two women that found it important to wear makeup all the time were Latinas.  Me, being one of them.  So it got me thinking about all the Latina women that I knew and if I ever saw them without any makeup outside of the home.  I couldn’t think of one!  Not my mother, not my sisters, not my abuelas, not my tias nor amigas.  None.


Why is that? Is it because we were taught from a very young age that we need to look good no matter how tired we are?  That we need to impress our men?

Or is it because as Latina women we know the importance of taking the time to take care of ourselves?

I don’t know the answers to those questions, what I do know is that I was never told I had to wear makeup to impress anyone, nor to keep my man at home.  On the contrary, makeup was never an issue at home.  To me it is a personal choice.  I choose to wear makeup because it makes me feel good.  Finished.  Presentable.  I don’t wear it everywhere either.  Not to the gym, nor to the pool or when I am at home.  But I do find the time to put some makeup on whenever I go anywhere else, even grocery shopping.  I do it because it allows me to pamper myself even if for just a mere few minutes, knowing that the rest of the day will be taken up by two active little lovely beings and…life in general.  I deserve that much.

How about you? Are you a Latina? Do you wear makeup?  Why do you do it?

Lisa Renata is the creator of Sabor a Cajeta, where she share her crafts ideas, and her passion for sewing and photography.

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Angélica Pérez-Litwin

Angélica Pérez-Litwin

Dr. Perez-Litwin is the Founder & CEO of ELLA Leadership Institute, a multi-platform professional development organization designed to advance the careers and leadership of women. She's the creative force behind the LATINAS THINK BIG™ national tour, sponsored and live-streamed by Google.

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  1. I am Latina, but I rarely wear makeup! I never wore it much before kids, though, I’ll say that I probably wear it more often now – but only when I am going to a nice event and I am trying to look a) less tired, or b) more “polished.” You know what I mean? So I look put together and not like I just rolled out of a bush somewhere!

    My mom and grandmother are usually perfectly made up – my grandmother even has a little table and chair that she sits in to get ready. It comes complete with big mirror, lights, and endless rows of bottles, brushes, jars and tubes! She’s always saying to me, “Por que no te pones un poquito de make up?” I guess she thinks I look like something the cat dragged in.

    Now to clarify, I wear foundation EVERY day. Never leave the house without it. But everything else, eye makeup, lipstick, blush…that is only for nice events, dinners, etc.

  2. When I was pregnant and stayed in NJ, I would wake up with my hair a hot mess and hungry and probably looking absolutely terrible. My mother would say, “Girl, go back into the room, fix your hair, and put on a little lipstick.” My mother has it in her head that to be presentable to the world, you needed a little lipstick. She always says that you have to look your best because you never know who you’ll run into. Apparently this requires lipstick and a little bit of blush! Today I actually went to work without any makeup and it was refreshing. I do it every once in a while and I feel even more beautiful. I honestly don’t know where my mother and every boricua I know gets this from?? All of my non-Latina friends do wear makeup, but not lipstick. They wear plenty of foundation and eye makeup.

  3. I put on makeup every morning. Foundation, blush, mascara, shadow lipstick. I like to play around with different looks as well depending on my mood. It’s the icing on the cake so to speak. I love beauty and fashion and no sense to wear a great outfit if your hair and makeup is not done. On the other hand, if your hair and makeup is done but you’re wearing a casual outfit, you still look great. Even with a little one at home I do try to look my best and I love that my son compliments me when he thinks I look nice. My biggest reason I like being made up is that my husband always looks sharp from head to toe. I don’t want to be the the next to him all frumpy! :)

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