Jul 29, 2015


Make Sunday Brunch Plans, Change Them – Latin Style

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Photo Credit: Victoria Garcia via Flickr

Photo Credit: Victoria Garcia via Flickr

There’s a Spanish saying:

“El hombre propone y Dios dispone” – “Man proposes and God disposes”.

There’s truth to this saying, but on a recent Sunday morning, it was more like, “las mujeres proponen y las mujeres disponen.”

The Plan

The plan was to have Sunday brunch at a new gem of a place my mom and I discovered.  This time, we invited two of my long-time Latina family friends to join us, especially since one of the “chicas” was visiting from Pennsylvania.

I awoke with anxious anticipation of treating my taste buds to a meal that neither my mom nor I had to prepare.  My parents and I live together (that’s a story for another post) so as I was getting ready, I saw that my mom’s light was on and assumed she was doing the same.

I picked out my “cute” Sunday snow brunch outfit:  white turtleneck, white ribbed V-neck sweater, blue denim tights, and my black wedge snow boots.  I yelled out, Spanish style, “I’m ready.”  Hmm. No answer. I yelled out again, and nada.

I headed to my parent’s bedroom and saw my mother come from the bathroom.  She didn’t look well.  She said, “Go on without me.  I have an upset stomach, high blood sugar, and intermittent bouts of nausea that spill into the next phase.”  A Latin mother, she urged me, “Estoy bien – vayan y disfruten.”

I stood at her bedside, white Bebe snow jacket on, purse hanging, and my mind undecided.  My girlfriends were waiting downstairs.  What to do?  Run for a quick breakfast at the diner downstairs?  Or run for some ginger ale, bagels and cream cheese, and head right back?

My Latin roots nudged me to do the right thing.

I left with my dad’s words, “Liz, come back quickly.”

The New Plan

I met the girls in the car.  “Where’s your mom?” they asked. “She’s sick,” I said.  I offered that they could go to breakfast without me; or that we could make breakfast.  I sensed that my girlfriends were ready for a breakfast treat out, not in.  Our compromise:  they waited while I ran to the bagel shop and the supermarket.

I returned to the car to hear, “C’mon.  We’ll go back with you and make breakfast.”


That’s Latin family for you.  Toasted bagels with cream cheese, ready.  One made bacon, the other eggs, and the other ate what we made.

Poor mom, though.  Three Latinas + one kitchen = mucho fun.

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Elizabeth Santeramo

Elizabeth Santeramo

Elizabeth most recently blogged on Healthline.com about caring for her father with COPD, who is now on oxygen. A self-help fan since the age of 15, she attributes its teachings to the many blessings in her life, namely, starting over with family and healing. Her work has appeared in several media outlets and she has been featured on English and Spanish TV and radio shows. She is currently writing a book for young adults. A NYC chica, she’s now a Jersey Girl. Her family is from Argentina, Italy, and Spain, so food and passion abound. ¡Si! @lizunga

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