Jul 31, 2015


Lianna Torres: A Young Latina’s Love of Photography

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“I’m am very passionate about my photography. I love to take pictures where ever I go and I always have my camera with me.
I was very surprised to see how much I would enjoy photography. What I thought was just a simple interest turned out to be a hobbie that I plan to turn into a career one day.


I believe that it’s always important to try something new.  You gotta take that chance. Photography is very important to me because it allows me to show off my talent as an artist.  The art of photography allows me to have confidence in myself.  It reminds me that I can follow my dreams and make it come true.”

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Lianna Torres

Lianna Torres

Lianna Torres is a 17-year old talented photographer who also enjoys art and dancing. Her goal is to continue to be creative and academically successful, and attend a good university next year. She's often called a "therapist" by her friends, because she's a good listener and gives them good advice.

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