Aug 03, 2015


Latina Entrepreneur–5 Tips to Get Your Business Up and Running

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Latina Start-up

I have been told many times that I am brave to be on this journey as a Latina entrepreneur.   But I am not alone.  According to 2010 Census, women owned businesses represent nearly 50% of privately held companies and Latina entrepreneurs represent one the largest growing demographics.

Here are 5 tips to take your start-up ideas to the next level!

DEFINE your passion and be clear on why you want to start a business                                                                        

I am a firm believer in writing things down.  Defining what you love doing is just the beginning. Identifying what avenues you will take, what resources are available, the risks involved and having the end in mind will help you develop a clear picture and a business plan. 

REASEARCH, research, research

Do everything you can to become smart and informed about your business niche.   Search the internet, read articles, research your market and analyze all the information that’s available.  Identify your competition and pinpoint your target market.  Applying what you learn will help you create short and long term business goals.

IDENTIFY your support system

When I started my business, the first people I turned too were my family and friends.  I quickly realized that they were my biggest allies.    Surrounding yourself with a good support system is instrumental whether it’s a family member, a friend, colleague or a business expert.

MOBILIZE your network

The moment I decided to start my journey as an entrepreneur, I joined a local organization that supports small business owners with networking opportunities and business capital.   Meeting like-minded entrepreneurs at networking events and joining social platforms will help build and mobilize your network.  Meeting as many people as you can on this journey is essential.  And once you have established a connection remember to stay in touch.

FOSTER your bi-cultural perspective  

As a bi-cultural entrepreneur I have access to several diverse social networks and have a better understanding of cultural differences, needs and values. Let’s take our various attitudes, behaviors and ideals and use them to create opportunities.

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Catherine Lajara

Catherine Lajara

Catherine Lajara is the Founder & CEO of Novel Research of New York, a clinical research center in the Bronx. Her mission is to eliminate health disparities by implementing community based initiates to provide education on prevention, early detection and treatment. Ms. Lajara is passionate about educating Latinos, African-Americans and other minorities on the importance of clinical trials and how their outcomes affect our communities. Ms. Lajara has worked as a clinician and patient advocate for over 10 years and a clinical research coordinator for over 7 years. Ms. Lajara currently lives in New York City.

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