Aug 05, 2015


Latina Sororities: The New Renaissance Women

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Latina Sororities Create, Enhance and Expand Communities

The mission of a Latina sorority is to enhance members’ educational and social value through their academic, personal and professional participation in the community. In addition to its mission, Latina sororities are committed to developing members’ leadership skills. Latina sororities’ view of their leadership is value-neutral and inclusive—it spans the spectrum of Latina donors, volunteers, professionals, fundraisers, and leaders of family foundations. Each Latina sorority hosts inter/national events like conventions, leadership conferences and regional workshops for chapter officers and members. These exciting events connect its members with sorority leaders and sorority sisters from different chapters. Programs feature nationally recognized speakers and presenters, workshops designed to develop leadership skills, and plenty of opportunities to meet with sisters from chapters big and small. Within the sorority, skills are developed to become leaders, mentors, and role models that are invaluable throughout their educational and professional endeavors.

Latina Sororities Give Back

As sisters of a sorority, we want to invest in every sister so that every sister can invest back to the community. Our leadership programming is funded through our national board, alumnae giving or sponsorships. In a commitment to develop strong leaders, sororities provide its members with educational resources such as Leadership Conferencing, New Member Education Programs, monthly enrichment seminars, Membership Intake and Recruit Training programs to promote lifelong self-growth and intellectual development. Such leadership development will also be useful when you graduate from college and start post-graduate work or begin a career. Since leadership does not stop with the organization, career conferences are offered to help cater to inspire young Latinas to pursue opportunities in higher education to emphasize the purpose of educational development but also helping the development of the community through networking and presenting different higher educational paths for these Latinas at the conference; thus emphasizing the further commitment to academic achievement, enrichment, and the completion of one’s education.

Latina Sororities’ Sisters are Letters Today, Leaders Tomorrow

By involving our sisters in such philanthropic and local programming, it holds sisters to a higher commitment to maintaining the highest integrity among our undergraduate members, chapters and alumnae.  Our Latina sororities and sisters have received awards for Philanthropy Recognition, chapter excellence in community and philanthropy, Dean’s List and McNair Scholars, as well as various semester awards of organizational excellence, and highest GPA from the Greek/cultural councils from their respective campuses. These awards show a further emphasis on how sorority sisters are “letters today”, leaders tomorrow.

Being Latina as well as a sorority member is beyond empowering— it is a foundation that is rich in cultura y historia. It is our legacy as Latina sororities to empower our sisters and to provide training and access to role models that will help them attain the tools and training to become leaders in our communities.

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D. Vidales

D. Vidales

Graduate of a Master's degree of Arts in English, adjunct professor, admissions counselor and National President of Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, Inc. As a strong proponent of a Fundamental Latina movement she utilizes her various platforms to enlighten, encourage and empower the next generation of Latina leaders.

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  1. Hello! In doing research for a reclamation workshop that will be presented during Spring Conference, a day of educational workshops, bonding activities, and a professional fashion show my chapter is putting on for the undergraduate and alumnae, I came across this article. I couldn’t agree more! I am a PROUD Sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated – Alpha Nu Alumnae Chapter in PA and am working on bringing more alumnae back to the sisterhood they made a lifetime commitment to. This article will definitely be quoted in reminding alumnae why they should reclaim the reasons why they joined our sisterhood to begin with. Thank you!

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