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Latina Leadership Twitter Party Recap

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Latina Leadership Network

Latina Leadership & Social Media

Latina Leadership has always been an important topic of discussion here at NEW LATINA.  From the spotlights on current Latina leaders to career tips and savvy entrepreneurial advice, NEW LATINA has long assisted Latina women in their search for Latina Leadership resources and inspiration.

Celebrating 25 years of service to Latina Leaders, NHLI (the National Hispana Leadership Institute) has been a strong advocate for Latina Leadership.  NHLI serves communities by providing leadership training, mentors and services to Latina women across the country.

A Twitter Party on Latina Leadership seemed like the perfect collaboration between both NEW LATINA and NHLI.

On Wednesday night, a powerful network of Latinas joined together via Twitter to discuss leadership and career success and the Latina Leadership Twitter Party, hosted by @NHLI and @NEWLATINA.   As the following tweet describes, the party was filled with excitement:

 “@DeSuMama welcome! the conversation is moving at the speed of light! #latinaleadership -8:18 PM Jun 20th, 2012″

@ChelaBK Eso! RT @EileenCCampos: Donde están los bomberos—we are HOT & ON FIRE!!!! Latinasssssss!!!! #LatinaLeadership -8:41 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

Latina Leadership Conversation Themes:

The conversation revolved around 10 powerful questions.  These first four questions and their corresponding tweets offer a good insight into Latina leadership, challenges and what it takes to achieve leadership.

“What is leadership? How do YOU define leadership?”  

confrugal @NewLatina Q1: Someone whos not afraid to make chances #LatinaLeadership -8:06 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

CatarinaRivera A1 Leadership is empowering others & working together to reach goals! Vision, strength, communication skills #latinaleadership -8:07 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

ChaCha572 @NewLatina Q1 Leading others on a path to THEIR success #latinaleadership -8:09 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

@TeamR0XY: Leaders inspire, engage, motivate and initiate. #latinaleadership -8:09 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

In what ways do Latinas lead differently than their mainstream and Latino counterparts?

ChaCha572 @NewLatina Q2 I believe we lead with passion, esp when it is something dear to us. #latinaleadership -8:10 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

a_biro @NewLatina A2: with a much more nurturing, relationship centered approach…usually :) #latinaleadership -8:11 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

IvyFarguheson @NewLatina We recognize the importance of balance in our lives. Work is important but so aren’t our loved ones #latinaleadership -8:11 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

@GSelymar: Devotion to service, awareness and commitment to public values. Which Latinas carry it in their <3 #latinaleadership -8:12 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

IlaMilk We envision, we empower, we understand, we EXECUTE #lessonslearned. No longer the underdogs. #emerging #latinaleadership -8:15 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

What are some examples of well-known Latina leaders? What makes them successful leaders? 

WonderWomynLLC Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez. Sonia Sotomayor. Their Drive! They have broken barriers in their fields for Latinas. #latinaleadership -8:16 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

@IvyFarguheson: A3: Sonia Sotomayor. Education is imp to her as is her family her culture and her commitment to justice #latinaleadership -8:17 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

EileenCCampos Q3. OUR parents– strong foundations, confidence y carino y amor— #Latinaleadership -8:18 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

IsabelGarciaIG Ana Maria Chavez, the CEO of the Girl Scouts, is another successful Latina leader. #latinaleadership -8:18 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

@BellaVidaLetty: America Ferrera & Rosario Dawson for promoting imp of Latino vote Q3: ex of well-known Latina leaders? #latinaleadership -8:20 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

What are some of the biggest challenges Latinas face as they strive to become leaders in their field?

IvyFarguheson @NewLatina Q6. Assimilating to the point of disappearing. #latinaleadership -8:42 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

@drmghernandez: Biggest Challenge for Latinas–not believing in ourselves; letting others define our potential! #latinaleadership -8:43 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

WonderWomynLLC A.6 Career versus personal/family obligation(s), negative self-talk, guilt for having larger ambition then our partners #latinaleadership -8:43 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

BLOGSbyLATINAS @NewLatina Q6 Biggest challenges are not being taken seriously, not putting ourselves out there & taking risks. #LatinaLeadership -8:43 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

FitLatina Q6. Latinas have to avoid tendency to put everyone else first. We need to make sure our needs and dreams are fed #LatinaLeadership -8:43 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

Sara_M8 @NewLatina being the only woman in the room, being the only Latina in the room #latinaleadership -8:44 PM Jun 20th, 2012 

MidyAponte Q6: Sometimes we fight each other — we work better as friends than as enemies. Good will foster good friendships. @NHLI #LatinaLeadership -8:44 PM Jun 20th, 2012 


The party, which served as a jumping off point for conversations about Latina Leadership, has now spurred a social media aftershock of conversation on Twitter and Facebook, as well as igniting a dialog between Latina leaders that is quickly growing into a national movement!

Following the party, the Latina Leadership Network was born and in just two days, grew to nearly 300 members. Women are connecting to establish meetups in their communities.  They are sharing their aspirations and successes and providing each other with support and guidance.

Interested in joining the continuing discussion on Latina Leadership via Facebook?  Check out the Latina Leadership Network, a Facebook group that sprung to life as a result of Wednesday’s Twitter buzz.


Check out some of our Twitter conversation below and congratulations to the winners of the Latina Leadership Twitter Party Giveaways!

Giveaway Winners

LATINNOVATING BOOK: @angelicaurquijo @juliaaburgos @Sara_M8 @JasonGiancola @IlaMilk
MARY KAY GIFT BASKETS: @monicazyoung @Gabyrdarris
MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS BOOK: @IvyFarguheson @spolanco @DeSuMama @mlvlatina

A special thanks to all the sponsors and participants who made this party a success!

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