Aug 02, 2015


About Diary of an Ivy League Mom™

Angelica Perez-Litwin with her daughter at graduation (summer 2012)

In 1985, I began my college years at Columbia University, and had the best four years of my life.  The oldest daughter of Dominican immigrant parents, I learned on my own how to navigate and conquer the college admissions process. It was not easy then, and it certainly isn’t easier today.  In fact, gaining admissions to Ivy League schools and top tier colleges today is more competitive and complicated than ever.  I know because we just went through the college admissions process with our oldest daughter, and she’s now at Harvard College.  

In this column, I share my journey as a mother of four kids who strongly believes in higher education and raising kids who are intellectually curious, talented and mindful.  You may think I’m a bit obsessed with education, but one thing I know for sure is that education can change lives, communities and the world.

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