Jul 30, 2015


Health Coaches: A New Type of Healthcare Professional

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Have you ever set a weight loss goal but failed to reach it? Has a doctor ever asked you to make a lifestyle change that was difficult? Do you find yourself grabbing that empanada and kicking yourself later? Have you ever felt like you just didn’t have the time? These types of scenarios are common and can be frustrating.  Fortunately, a popular new breed of coach is here to help.

What is a Health Coach?

Health coaches are trained advisors who provide ongoing support and guidance as you set health goals and make lasting lifestyle changes. Health coaches are great resources for both preventing chronic disease and finding natural ways to heal when experiencing chronic illness.

There are health coaches who specialize in every sort of niche so whether you want help with celiac disease or whether you just want to lose weight and have more energy, there are experienced coaches ready to help. Healthcare is increasingly expensive, and the investment in working with a coach to improve your lifestyle now can prevent high healthcare costs later.

Health Coaches Clarify the Health Information & Knowledge You Need

A client recently asked me the question, “There’s so much information out there, but what’s right for me?” There is an overwhelming amount of health information from sources such as diet books, magazine articles, and TV spots. They are all presenting nutrition advice that can be contradictory and confusing. Carbohydrates, fat, sugar, and meat have all been demonized in the past. A health coach is trained in dietary theories and helps you understand the knowledge you actually need to know.

Benefits of Health Coaches

There are many benefits to health coaching. One benefit is that you’re setting up an accountability system that will help you reach your goals. Health coaching is an individualized, collaborative process that allows you to make changes that fit into the context of your life. We examine obstacles to success and plan strategies to overcome those obstacles. It’s a process that builds lasting lifestyle changes instead of quick fixes. Health coaching is holistic and takes into account all areas of your life. For example, sometimes your career or personal relationships affect your health. Taking a holistic approach allows us to see the big picture and tackle the root cause of health issues.

The best part is that a health coach really listens to you.  We are part of the healthcare revolution, focused not on managing disease, but on creating optimal wellness.


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Catarina Rivera

Catarina Rivera

Catarina Rivera is a certified holistic health coach and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is the director of Healthy Kids in the Heights, a program empowering the Washington Heights, NY community to live healthier lifestyles. She is also a contributor to Being Latino Online Magazine and is the COO of United Latino Professionals. Contact her on Twitter (@CatarinaRivera) or at her website.

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