Aug 02, 2015


5 Fitness Rules That Will Whip Your Career Into Shape

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New Latina, Whip Your Career Into Shape

Many fitness professionals are successful entrepreneurs, and it’s no wonder why. As it turns out, many of the rules that apply to getting fit, ripped and toned, can be applied to improving your career!

Here are 5 fitness rules that will improve your work ethic and whip your career into shape!

Fitness Rule #1: Assess Yourself

Whether you’re starting a new fitness routine or a new business venture, you must assess your goals, your strengths and your weaknesses in order to design and execute a realistic plan of action.

First, set measurable goals and establish a time-frame.  Don’t set vague goals like “I want to get in shape” or “I want to be rich”.  Vague goals are difficult to plan for, difficult to measure and will have you chasing the horizon.  That’s exhausting! Instead, set a quantifiable goal such as “I want to lose 10 pounds in two months” or “I want to gain 20 clients in five months”. Now that you have a specific endgame and an established time-frame you can plan accordingly, devise smaller deadlines to accomplish smaller goals within the larger one,and track your progress.

Next, identify your strengths, and recognize your weaknesses. Running  full-speed towards your goal without an accurate assessment of your strengths and weaknesses can set you up for disaster!  It is best that you be honest with yourself now, and design an appropriate plan of action that addresses your strengths and weaknesses, rather than avoid  the assessment and figure out that you have poor communication skills when you freeze up during a presentation.

Fitness Rule #2: Be Flexible

Once you’ve established your goals, your strengths and your plan to improve your weaknesses, you must work on your flexibility.   If you’re not flexible you will not be able to perform optimally and you’ll ultimately delay your progress.

The more responsibility you hope to incur, the more flexible you’ll need to be.  You’ll need to be able to multitask, handle emergencies and adapt to last-minute changes.  So, how do you become more flexible at work?  Every so often stretch yourself a little further than you think you can handle. Periodically taking on more work or purposely giving yourself less time to finish a project will prepare you to naturally accommodate unexpected influxes of responsibilities, and shortages on time. Also, avoid tensing up when the going gets tough. Take a deep breath, bend and stretch to accommodate the issue. Remaining rigid will only end up hurting you in the end.

Fitness Rule # 3: Take On Challenges To Create Change

Complacence is the death of progress. Cruising through work and performing the same tasks day-in and day-out will not get you that corner office or pay-raise you’ve been coveting. Your work ethic is like a muscle.  The more you challenge it the more it will grow.  Challenge your work ethic by volunteering to take on new and challenging tasks. Go over-and-beyond the call of duty. Don’t shy away from resistance or criticism. Gradually pushing through resistance can force you to use creative tactics to present old ideas in a new light, and accepting criticism will help you to correct your form.  Before you know it you’ll be a stronger, more confident and well-rounded worker.  You’ll sprint to the top and won’t even break a sweat.

Fitness Rule #4: Get A Trainer

Even the most seasoned athletes have professional trainers. They understand that even at the top of their game they require someone to push them harder.  Business professionals, like athletes, need someone to push them beyond their comfort-zones and prevent them from plateauing.

A mentor or professional career advisor will help you define your goals, prompt you to reassess your business plan and keep you on task.  More than someone to keep you in check, mentors and advisors are a great source of wisdom, advice and encouragement.

Career advisors usually work for a fee, however mentors can be enlisted for free.  Find a mentor by researching professionals in your current or intended field.  Follow your would-be mentor’s work and network within the same circles.  Remember, not everyone wants to become a mentor, but many professionals are willing to mentor promising professionals who show initiative, drive and take responsibility for themselves.

Fitness Rule #5: Banish Excuses

No one ever regrets going to the gym. No one! However, plenty of people beat themselves up for missing a workout session.  You only regret what you don’t do.  The same goes for business.  If you are ready to make a career change, go for it. Don’t let being too tired, to overworked, too this, or too that get in your way.  Making excuses for why you can’t do something right now will only result in major regrets later.

Allow the excuses that would ordinarily hold you back and create regret to motivate you! You’re too tired? Apply for that job that’ll give you more free time? You don’t have enough money? Find investors, apply for grants and get your business off the ground so that you have more control over your income.  You don’t know where to begin? Get a mentor, network and research. Just do it! You won’t regret it!

Whether you see life as a marathon or a sprint to the finish line, you must be strong, confident and conditioned in order to finish strong. Use these five fitness-inspired rules to gain the confidence, motivation and discipline you need to be a strong competitor in the business world.  On your mark, get set, go!

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Tanisha Love Ramirez

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