Jul 28, 2015


Choosing the Best Dating Site for You

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There are hundreds of dating sites you can try and billions of people on them. Thank goodness it’s no longer seen as the crazy thing to do! It is widely accepted that busy people need a way to meet other busy people. Still, depending on where you are in your life right now and what you are looking for, one site might be better than the other. Deciding which one can be based on one or more of these reasons once you know what you are looking for: the kind of members that use the site, costs/fees, the way “search” and “match” techniques are set up, the special niche preference (single parents, faith-based, ethnicity based etc.), communication features (winks, smiles, chat, messages), and special features unique to the dating site.

So, which one is right for you?

1) Tangowire.com Tangowire is great for you if you don’t really feel as comfortable with the whole “online dating scene”. Why? Because the scene is not one scene, it’s many activities. Tangowire is set up by areas of interest and hobbies. So, if you are into fitness and exercise you would join that group, but still have access to members from other groups. There is virtually a group for whatever interest you might have. I really like Tangowire because it takes away some of the common dating pressures/anxiety.   The goods: a) It is almost totally free, “Free to join, Free to search, Free to reply”- this means to initiate a message you would have to pay a subscription. So, I say it’s totally free for me! b) You can search across groups. c) Communication with “smiles” offer phrases you can send that are good icebreakers.
You can also also try: HowAboutWe.com

2) PlentyofFish.com (POF.com) When Plenty of Fish started getting popular, I found it to be a great way to meet some eligible bachelors. I still think there are nice guys on POF, but it is more of a mixed bag now so this dating site is for you if you are not so interested in getting serious with anyone anytime soon or possibly open to being serious way down the line. In this case, dive in, “go fishing” or “get hooked”. The goods: a) It is totally FREE. b) Its search has many criteria filters so that you can get results that closely match what you are looking for. c) POF members host regular social events/mixers that you can attend to get yourself off-line and socializing in person.
You can also try Lavalife.com

3) Match.com The King of dating sites might very well be, Match.com. I have very fond memories of Match being responsible for great love, enduring friendships and repeated great dates. This site is for you if you are ready to meet a quality eligible bachelor and potentially be serious with someone. The goods: a) Registration is FREE (and so are “winks” which allows you to take a look at who is out there and let someone know you are interested. b) There is something to be said for a paid subscription. It can mean that the person finds value in the process and is potentially more open to commitment as well as a possible indicator of financial stability. c) Many dating sites now have dedicated mobile pages, but Match has a dedicated mobile app which makes following up with winks and messages easier.
You can also try Chemistry.com

4) Eharmony.com If Match.com is the King, EHarmony might be the Queen of dating sites. One of my friends has often complained of Eharmony, “All these guys want to do is get married!” If you don’t want a marriage-oriented person, do not come here! This dating site is for you, if you feel absolutely ready to meet someone who is equally ready to move in the direction of marriage. Words are lovely, but actions are what count in the end. Your matches on Eharmony will potentially be more inclined to take actions that speak to a future together. The goods: a) Registration is FREE, allowing you to see profile information but not pictures. b) There are occasional “Free Communication Weekends” allowing you to message a person. c) A special feature is the extensive personality assessment that each person must complete. You are only given matches and can only search matches that fit or complement you based on this.
You can also try Amor.com

5) OkCupid.com I can’t tell you how much I love OkCupid (OKC). This is the dating site that is right for you if you are ready for all of the above! You can be the person who knows they are not quite ready for anything serious or the type that is absolutely ready for a relationship. What sets it apart is the community aspect. Individuals can comment on your public journal posts and can help you with your profile as well as send you kudos for being a great date. The goods: a) It is a totally FREE site. b) They have extensive criteria filters set up for your search preferences. c) They have special features that no other dating site has including an online journal (bloggers will love this), ongoing fun personality tests if you wish to take them, and prompts that help you create a better profile.

A special note: As everything in life, use common sense and have healthy boundaries about communication and meeting. Also, as I tell mi hermanita before every date, outing, or event, “have good safe fun!”  Happy dating!

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Vicky Barrios

Vicky Barrios

Vicky is a believer in healthy love & romance, nurturing the authentic self, and loving life. She has over 12 years experience as a Therapist with a focus on children, adolescent development and family dynamics. She received her MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work and currently, she is completing her PhD in Psychology. She shares her expertise via mentoring, consulting & personal development coaching. She writes about her own experiences, lessons, and general insights on her blog, Kindness And Kisses.

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  1. Great reviews, I have my dating site powered by Tangowire.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great article and resource!

  3. It’s like the Gods wanted me to read this! Lol. I’m currently on POF and, though there is diversity, I need more options! I may just join all of these sites. The more options the better!

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