Jul 31, 2015


Find Ambition Within Yourself

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find your ambition

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings” – Salvador Dali

Find Ambition within Yourself

Living a life of significance comes from being fulfilled in life. Everyone can be successful but not everyone is fulfilled. In order for you to live the life of your dreams you need to achieve your most desired goals. Your goals, energy and motivation will drive you to discover your hidden ambition.

Ambition is simply a combination of energy and motivation. It is a hot and burning desire to achieve greatness. You get to determine what drives YOU? What burning desire do you have to achieve something greater than yourself? What is that one motivating factor that will get you to take action in the direction of your dreams?

Many find it hard to believe that the power of their will alone can get them to achieve extraordinary things in life. Unveiling the defining factor within you is the answer. It isn’t about what others expect from you or what others think is best for you, the defining factor is about what YOU expect from yourself.

The issue is not that you lack ambition to be successful; the issue is that you haven’t decided for YOU what goals really matter.

Stop & think for a moment, if you were to picture your life 5 years from now, where would you be? What would you be doing and with who? There are a few questions you can ask yourself today to unlock your true ambition, not based on others motivation or drive but based on your own specific dreams.

Ask yourself:

  1. When am I the happiest and most passionate?
  2. What am I doing?
  3. Who am I surrounded by?

These questions can be your key to discovering what your true passion is. See, ambition doesn’t come without a vision of where you will be. If you have a destination and unwavering determination to get somewhere, then you have found your ambition. There is nothing that will ever stop you from getting somewhere whens your ambition has been triggered.

TODAY chose to take action and seek the answers to these questions so you can unleash your true ambition. Be empowered and know that anything you desire will be yours if you have a no quit attitude to get it, and THAT is ambition! At the end of the day ambition is about competing, but not competing with anyone else, it is competing with you!

Always remember, doing this today will change the direction of your life, so don’t resist the change, EMBRACE it! Strive to be better every day!

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Jessika Ortega

Jessika Ortega

Jessika is a certified personal development coach. Her passion is to empower all women to be success driven & goal oriented. She has this gift of being able transform any negative into a positive learning experience. She isn't the kind of woman who sits around waiting on the world to change. Instead, she's the kind of woman who makes change happen!

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