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Spotlight on Eva Smith, IT Cloud Computing Engineer and Publisher of

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Eva Smith

Eva Smith lives in Southern California. An IT architect by trade, she spends her time between Engineering and New Media.   In her free time she’s a social entrepreneur, google glass explorer and freelance writer.  Her love of technology, food, social good lifestyle and community building led her to create her blog, Tech. Food. Life.  Read more >>

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What inspired you to pursue a career as a IT Cloud Computing Engineer? What does a IT Cloud Engineer do?

I lead a group of IT Cloud Computing Engineers. My team is responsible for Architecting, Building and Maintaining Mission Critical Business systems for a Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company. As Team Lead I am also responsible for improving processes and solutions.

I chose my career because it makes use of all my skills: Engineering, Programming, Technical, Problem solving & Communication skills.

What inspired you to create Tell us about what you do there.

Tech.Food.Life. is where Technology, Food & Social Good Lifestyle converge. The lifestyle blog highlights technology trends, food, nonprofits, events, reviews and giveaways.

I was inspired to start the blog to share my opinions on the things that matter most to me.

How have blogging and social media impacted your career and/or professional goals?

Blogging and Social Media have given me a platform to connect with other professionals and build relationships with businesses and nonprofits.  They have also been one of my inspirations to become involved in entrepreneurship.

How do you use social media, blogging and tech to innovate and create change online or offline?

With Social Media and blogging, I have been given the opportunity to be active in my community and develop programs to help youth and women learn new tech skills that can help them to pursue their career goals and/or grow their businesses.  I have also launched several digital communities to connect bloggers, small businesses and brands, including The Blogger Society.

What is one piece of advice that you would share with Latinas who are pursing a career in engineering or the tech industry?

Here are some important words of advice for young Latinas seeking a career in Tech:

1. Build a Support Network by finding a Mentor and attending STEM related programs. Your support network can provide guidance, technical expertise and a wealth of resources to help you develop a solid foundation on the road to a successful career in Tech. You can find STEM related programs in local schools, city government offices and/or Technology companies such as Microsoft Youthspark, Boys & Girls Club STEM programs. If you currently don’t have a mentor, develop professional relationships with people at the STEM related programs you attend and reach out to professional leaders you admire to encourage you, mentor you and provide guidance.

2. Learn something new everyday. Make constructive use of your time online by learning something new everyday. Learn about Tech Trends, sit in on a Google+ hangout, sit in on a Harvard programming class online. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Never stop learning. Learning is fun.

3. Do something you are afraid to do EVERYDAY. Don’t let fear discourage you from pursing a career in Technology. Learn to code. Share your ideas. Do things that put you outside of your comfort zone. If you ever get discouraged, remind yourself that YOU BELONG HERE. Our future depends on it.

How has your culture or unique life experience impacted how you innovate in your career or business?

The future of Technology depends on innovative ideas from our youth. We need more women in tech with a desire to learn to be the innovators of the future. One thing I admire about our culture is that we do things with passion. I know that our passion and dedication to excel makes us successful at any career path that we choose.

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Chantilly Patiño

Chantilly Patiño

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